LG Nexus 4 User Manual

Remember that LG Nexus 4 support page that went live yesterday? Well now the page has been updated with user manuals for the device. We've been calling this device the Nexus 4 for a long time now, and this manual has confirmed that for us. Also something to note here is that there are two different manuals -- one 8GB, one 16GB. Both manuals seem to be the exact same, but that still gives us some information. Based on what we see here, we may be looking at just those two storage capacities for the next Nexus device.

The manuals also confirm the existence of an inductive charging coil, which occupies a pretty big space under the back plate. We picked this out in the FCC documentation all the way back when the first leaks hit, so we saw that one coming. Inductive charging on the device doesn't do much good without the accessories to support it though, so hopefully Google does a better job with these than the Galaxy Nexus docks.

If you're still curious and want to thumb through the manuals, head to the source link below. And remember, we'll see it all straight from Google on Monday morning.

Source: LG; via: Engadget

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Nexus 4 user manuals go live on LG's support page


Offering lower storage is going to turn people away, especially with no sd slot for extended storage. My D1 had more storage and its from 2009. I understand Google wants GDrive to succeed, but offering minimal storage in devices is just plain wrong. I own a GNexus with 32 gb of storage and I thing that is lacking, I also bought the 100 gb drive account.

Sad that Google is going to do this just to implement GDrive to be mainstream. In a time when Data plans are becoming more expensive and limited and then forcing people to stream even more on their device is ridiculous. It's like Google is trying to help the carriers out in padding people's data.

16GB... I can live with that. Will be cramped compared to my existing phone (16GB internal + 16gb SD), but that just means I'll have to clear photos off more often. The inductive charging is going to be nice, having owned a Touchpad in the past its the one thing I wish my other devices had.

I feel really sorry for anyone who gets suckered into an 8GB model though. That's simply not enough storage.

I have to disagree with that. My Captivate has 16GB and I'm only using about 4.5GB between apps, photos, and music. While it would certainly be tight, I could be convinced to go with 8GB if the price were right.

I hate to say it but you would be a fool to get an 8GB model. I too have the Captivate and the partition layout is much more different. For nexus devices the memory is shared. After system data on a 8GB model your only left with ~6GB useable memory. Now take into account apps are installed on that same memory (Whereas on the cappy the apps are stored on a separate partition than the sdcard and external sdcard). Do yourself a favor, never consider the 8GB model again. You will seriously regret it.

(EDIT)Just to clarify, the Cappy has a System partition for system data, a data partition for apps/other, and the internal 16GB sdcard.

Also, the camera is a higher MP (8mp) so every picture you take is gonna have a much larger file size than the 5mp camera on the captivate. Another thing, with an HD display apps will automatically download HD data files instead of the standard resolution files.

and once you get down to 1-4 gb left the device will also slow down in its activity and productivity with max storage being reached, just makes everything slow.

8GB is for people with simple needs, 16gb for people who need more but most likely end up grabbing a limitless data package and live in the cloud..lol. I personally have 32 on top of 16 internal..I'm planning to pick a 16gb model but I really have no idea how I'm going to survive with it, but I'm also done with Samsung. So cloud it is. Curious how the battery will play with streaming though..

I know this isn't anything new. But jesus christ this is a Galaxy Nexus. They could have at least changed up the appearance a bit. Don't go all Apple on us..

I'm glad they did this. I like the front of the Galaxy Nexus. The back was just okay. The back on this phone looks a little better, even if it is a little sparkly, and the front looks a little better too.

This seems pretty official imo, so I am disappoint that there will only be a max 16gb version. I'll buy one nonetheless, but I hope next years Nexus will offer higher storage options.

How likely is it that they release a 32gb version later? Not that they've done that before...

Thank goodness! I heard they were moving the earpiece to the bottom of the phone and putting the front facing camera on the back!

Seriously, this is my next phone.

I just hope they learned their lesson with Verizon last year and don't make it exclusive for any CDMA carrier.

Guys, if anyone is thinking about getting the 8GB version, just be aware that doing custom ROMs on this doesn't seem like it would be very feasible (unless I am missing something). Without external memory, if you want to do a full system backup before flashing a new ROM (which is standard practice), you would have to have more than half of your space free. And taking into account the storage that your system and the new ROM file take up, it seems like you would literally only have one or two gigabytes available for games and media.

Basically I imagine you just would not do backups at all, which is risky and would be a huge pain.

Backups can be done on the PC using programs like WugFresh's Nexus unlocker. Also you can create a backup on the phone, then move the file to your PC, then ROM it to your hearts content, and place the old backup if you want to re-flash it.

Ah, I was not aware of that, thanks!

I did know you could transfer the backup off the phone after you create it, but just to create it would require having half your space free. But if there are programs that create the backup directly on a PC, then that would work OK.

Yeah, I have pretty much given up on the Nexus line for now. They have great hardware for a great price, and of course awesome software support. But they seem to all have bottlenecks (like limited storage) that greatly reduce their usefulness for certain types of power users like you and me.

Maybe someday there will be an awesome Nexus that will meet my needs, but for now I am probably just going to rely on Cyanogenmod for my software support and forget about Nexus (unless of course they have something up their sleeve we don't know about).

pass. still waiting for other OEM to produce the nxt nexus which is said to be released by the end of the yr

Lol it's like a slap in the face. Here you guys go we created the most bad ass smart phone on the planet but you actually can't use it because we forgot to put in storage space.

My GNex show 28.13GB total space out of a 32GB drive so that's about 3-3/4GB of space being used for Jelly Bean.

This isn't a low cost Nexus 7 tablet, this is a high end smartphone. If Google finds there's a market for an 8GB Nexus phone than that's great I hope they sell a shit load of them (Apple certainly did) but at least offer an unlocked 32GB phone for those of us who need / want the space. Maybe it has something to do with some LTE enabled 32GB versions coming to your carrier of choice.

That's not caccurate. Like all modern storage solutions, you don't actually have all the advertised storage available to you. That's because you're not actually getting 32GB; rather, you're getting the logical equivalent of that (1024B = 1KB; 1000B = 1KB is what you're sold). A 32GB drive only has 29.8GB of usable space, meaning JB, and its included apps, takes up approximately 1.7GB.

Appreciate the clarification on storage space. So that leaves an 8GB model with 5.5 - 6GB of open space. Better than the 4GB I was thinking but still nowhere enough for my needs.

I have 2.2 GB just in apps on my GNex, not to mention 20 minutes of HD video you take with the phone is 1 gb in storage.

Any word on LTE capability? This is pretty much the only thing stopping me from selling my S3, I live in a very strong signal area and love the speeds.

I know this sounds stupid, but I haven't heard anything about NFC onboard, BTW come on Sprint!! I'm going to give my sister my Gnex to retie her NS4G and I'll pick this up for myself.

I can live with 16 gb. I've only used 11 gb on my Verizon Gnex. All my music is on the cloud and photos/videos and rom back ups are the only thing eating storage.

This is to Phil and the crew...can some please ask/grill google on the reason why they would even bother to release an 8 GB phone late 2012 if this turns out to be true. It's like moving backwards. The experience on an 8gb phone without sd card will be seriously hampered especially once the os takes up its space. Why release a quad core beast with 8gb? Games and other apps are getting larger but then we get a phone with less space? 16gb should be standard in all phones and definitely high end phones which this is shaping up to be. This is where we need android blogs to ask to tough questions and demand an answer

Maybe price? Maybe they can price this at $99 or even free with contract? This would help flood the market with even more Android devices but no doubt piss off their other hardware partners so I'm not sure if that will be their strategy.

"Demands an answer"? I can tell you the answer: because it's their product to design, and they can do what they want..
Phil's mentioned a study on a recent podcast about a study done on smartphone memory, which found that the *majority* of people using smartphones only use a small portion of their storage. You're thinking about this from a "me! me! me!" point of view. Businesses have to make decisions based on a lot of different data; not just what you want. Whatever it is, I'm willing to bet there is good reason for this. They did a 16GB version, and that's enough for a large majority. Many people can't stand playing the 1GB+, console-like games on their phones. I do, but many can't get used to it.
I'm not saying I'll even buy it, but it's beyond silly to declare something a flop before it's even out, as if you have your own successful, filthy rich company like Google. They use research. You use your emotions.

This has nothing to do with emotion. When you offer a phone with a 720p HD display and quad core processor with only 8gb, that will ultimately affect user experience. First of all, the OS will take up space so you will probably only have 6gb left for pics, music, games, videos,etc which I feel is a joke in today's landscape. Isn't that the reason they are discontinuing the 8gb Nexus 7? I'm sorry but I agree with Jeff Bezos, 8gb on a device like this is a joke!!!

I can also live with 16GB on my phone. I game on the Nexus 7 so I'll only need space for non-gaming apps, pics, etc. I'll just make sure and upload the pics when they start taking up too much space. My data plan is the new T-Mobile no throttling, no cap unlimited, so streaming is not an issue for me either. I like the LED notification in the middle of the bottom. Reminds me of the Nexus One notification under the trackball.

I'll just have to see how the call quality is on this before I pull the trigger. Hopefully they'll just sell one unlocked GSM version that supports LTE and HSPA+. The international version has the Qualcomm MDM 9615 that supports LTE and HSPA+ so if they keep that then it'll be future ready on T-Mobile.

I can certainly live with 16 GB storage. If you need a high amount of storage on your phone then perhaps the Nexus program isn't for you.

I'm still surprised that people are surprised that there is a lack of SD card. There hasn't been a SD card slot on the Nexus since the Nexus One. Don't expect one in the future.

Wow, there is nothing left for Google to talk about on the 29th but point people to last week's blog posts. Geeesh.

Ha Ha Ha. This is as much fun as watching the iPhone gang rationalize the missed items on their phones. At 8gb, it is a damn test or developer phone. Throw the geeks a 16gb and watch them wet themselves.

One person got it right. If you want a phone with 2012 standards AND the latest software, the Nexus isn't for you.

Still though, you have to know that the people at Google are laughing at the ones who buy the 8's. They should have fun and offer up a message board to allow the "we're not worthy" crowd thank their master.

But this phone has 2013 standards and the latest software.... Believe me I love my GNex the only reason I want this phone is for the better performance, screen, camera, battery life & wireless charging.

Sounds like Google/LG will likely keep the option to release a 32gb model like w the Nexus 7. They're starting to follow the Apple release model and I don't like it one bit.

People are funny… I can see a couple of years down the line people saying: "Freaking Google, why can't they release their Nexus with 1 TB storage. This is ridiculous! I need more space than 750 GB because I carry with me my entire collection of movies, pictures, music, and games from since I was born, just in case I need to watch, play, or listen to them." Phones (and tablets) are NOT computers, as much as some people may want to think they are. I'm sure Google is also doing this for the sake of price. If it's cheaper, more will be able to afford a Nexus.

Hard drive phones are not so bad idea, not to mention thats what classical iPad is (without phone) :) thru it would mean big fat phone