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After a few weeks, it seems the first batch of Nexus 4 bumpers is starting to make its way out to customers in the UK. Two UK Nexus 4 bumper orders placed by AC's British division shipped today, and the Twitters are alight with reports of fellow Brits whose bumpers are also in transit. (Update: we're also hearing reports that one or two bumpers shipped in the UK in the past week, too.)

Official Nexus accessories have been hard to come by in the past, particularly outside the U.S. So it's a small relief to see bumpers finally arriving with customers in Europe, even if it is more than three weeks after the first orders were placed on Google Play.

Unfortunately the UK Play Store still lists the Nexus 4 bumper as sold out, with no indication as to when fresh stock will arrive. So if you've yet to place an order you may have to be patient, or start looking elsewhere.

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Daf L says:

I got my bumper a week ago (in UK, ordered from Google Play Store).

Alex Dobie says:

Interesting. When did you order? Most of the orders going out today seem to be backorders from launch week.

Daf L says:

I ordered on launch day with a Nexus 4. Got the 3 week wait e-mail but received both together last week (different packages but same day).

Ron Patel says:

I got mine last week too... Ordered on launch day.

I'm not a fan tbh...

KSmithInNY says:

Sweet, now maybe they can sell some in the U.S so the 12 ass-hats that actually got theirs can quit selling them on ebay for over $100.00.

nexus15 says:


Rizy7 says:

I ordered my 16GB Nexus on the 4th and 5:09PM.. People who ordered theirs later in the day with 5-6 Week shipping times have received their phones today while those who ordered before 6.30PM have had no dispatch e-mails

Subz147 says:

I've emailed google about this but still no reply, my brother in law bought the 5-6 week and got his yesterday, mine was in the 4-5 week so hopefully I get mine next!

TheSammyE says:

Im in the exact same situation. Ordered on the 4th when it was 1-2 weeks and on my Google Play confirmation email it said "Delivered in 3-5 business days" no shipping email yet though. I wouldn't mind (as it hasn't been 1-2 weeks yet) if the 4-5, 5-6 weeks people weren't getting theres yet but it kinda gets me feeling they've got them mixed up and I wont be best pleased if i ended up waiting somebody elses proposed 5-6 weeks.

chins22 says:

that is not fair with people like me who have 1-2 shipping time :(

Jaybuz says:

Got my bumper case today. I like it but it probably is a bit pricey.

I called Google Play support and they refunded my shipping since it's two weeks late.

Good customer service!