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Version 3.10.9 of the Google Play app is pushing out to phones tonight, but there aren't any major changes. In fact, a cursory glance shows it as basically the same as the 4.2 Google apps version except that now you can delete items in your Wishist and you get a new screen when apps are installing. More than likely there are more behind-the-scenes changes as well.

The apk is floating around in the usual spots and will install right over your existing Play Store app. Or you can just wait it out and you should see it "soon". Hit the break to see what it all looks like.

Via: @WinDroidGuy

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ced2334 says:

Sure wish I could just hit an update button on the notification screen and have the app update in the background. Being redirected to google play all the time is kind of annoying.

seancojr says:

I wish someone from Google would read your comment because it presents a really good idea.

mwara244 says:

To take an item off your wishlist you just deselect the icon on the top the same way you added it to your wishlist, the icon that looks like a bookmark.

If you follow the twitter link it will link you to androidpolice where you can download the new update like a sideload

What twitter link???

still1 says:

there is an way. clear cache/data. then uninstall updates

open playstore-->accept policy. it will auto update in a minute or two.

bmolloy says:

You can turn on Auto-update apps in the settings and it will update most apps for you in the background. The exception is the apps that have permission changes will always prompt you to do a manual update.

NeoEGY says:

post the apk please

HiTekkStef says:

It's one on

I wish I had a phone to update this on. smh #Nexus4LimboClub

Stychill says:

lol, i second that

fort says:

when will they add devices?

cinek says:

still waiting on n4

How do you see just apps purchased under my apps?

still1 says:

go here
you will see all your app purchase. cant see it in playstore.

sarriola says:

yes, when will they add devices, now that the Nexus 7 HSPA+ is back in stock again in US play store.

talonsmith says:

What phone is that? The test looks so sharp

mritalian76 says:

This is all great and everything but can I please for the love of god have apps optimized for tablets????? I just got my Nexus 10 and I am so sick of seeing stretched out phone apps. I had to deal with it on my nexus 7 do I have to with the same sh*t on this as well. Come on Google get these devs hot on this. Smh

richardpandy says:

All I want in the next update is the ability to delete stupid apps from my download history. Tired of seeing the "fart soundboard" from 5 years ago in my list.

lyun17 says:

You can do that already on the play store. Go to All apps and you'll see your apps. There's a circle with a diagonal line icon next to the app which deletes the app from your list.

zakphi says:

while i am glad google added this feature. i have two problems with it:
1) you can't select multiples apps to remove. it is very annoying that after removing an app, it sends me back to top of the list.
2) you can't do this online

directmatrix says:

You can select just need to long press the first app you want to delete

chatscc says:

Where can I find the apk?

Gearu says:

Nothing wrong with Android Market. Which I shall forcefully transfer to my next phone.

Here's a direct link to it in my Dropbox. The mirrors at Android Police can be confusing.

ScandaLeX says:

Thank you Run!!!!

No sweat, ScandaleX!

manicmooose says:

Alternatively, on the phone under "all apps" you can long press on an app. to select it, then keep selecting other apps, then delete them all in one go.