HTC ThunderBolt radio

While we continue to wait on the next update to the HTC ThunderBolt -- that's the one that's supposed to do something about the reboots --  another radio has leaked out. This one's MR2.5 (the last was MR2) and flashes the way radios tend to be flashed. If you're not sure how, better to stay away, for now. If you're the impatient type, however, hit the source link and get to downloading.

Source: XDA Developers; via Android Central Forums


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New ThunderBolt radios leaks as we await the official update


I am going to keep watching the forum and see what troubles, if any, arise from this radio... I luckily haven't had any issues since flashing the MR2 radio, so I don't see the need to mess with perfection ;)

i think auto-complete is hurting this title :)
haven't read anything about reboots yet--only a few people saying it's helped with standby power consumption on 4g.
i agree, mr2 works fine enough. i'll wait until tons of people have tried this before jumping on it.

I am running stock latest leak software 1.66.605.2 with the MR2.5 radio and I'm having random gps drops, and noticeable radio signal loss @ least 1-2 bars, going to try flashing back to MR2 and see if it's any better