The T-Mobile 3G Rollout has been slowly inching its way across the United States, slowly making its way toward respectability. We're happy to report that many cities have received T-Mobile 3G since our last Rollout Report and they're as follows:

  • Chesapeake, VA
  • El Paso, TX
  • Middletown, CT
  • New Haven, CT

We're positive that a lot of big cities are still without T-Mobile 3G and we definitely empathize with you guys--3G is such a difference maker, it'll make your T-Mobile G1 feel like a brand new phone. So, let's work together and compile a list of the biggest cities still without T-Mobile 3G and put some pressure on T-Mobile to accelerate their 3G rollout!

Let's hear which cities don't have T-Mobile 3G in the comments!

thanks to all our wonderful readers who contributed to this report!


Reader comments

New T-Mobile 3G Cities Reported From Our Readers!


Still no 3G coverage in Charlotte, NC. Was told by a local store rep that they received news of an official 3G launch in Charlotte on 9/1. Only a few weeks away, so we'll see if his news was accurate.

It does and it doesn't--I was at Olympia Cafe for lunch today and was pulling up pics of my new car to show my mother in law. I stared blankly at the screen for a few moments, wondering what was "wrong" when I realized my data icon was showing "G" instead of "E"! The signal went back to EDGE once we were 3-4 blocks away, but for what little while I had access to it, it was gorgeous speed--I've always been "stuck" here and never gotten to play with a 3G connection before, and I want it back!

And according to a Customer Care Rep I spoke to Monday, we aren't even on the list for this year. Why isn't Cinci getting any 3G love???

We need 3G in Tulsa, OK!!! We were on vacation in Denver, CO last week - Denver has 3G. What a world of difference. I used Sherpa for just about everything love love that program. It felt good to watch clear, crisp youtube videos in the care while hubby was driving around in the city. Pretty cool. Please hurry and bring to Tulsa, OK!!!!

Here in certain parts of orlando we have NO 3g! the site coverage map says we are covered but my G1 says E....

None in Gainesville or Melbourne, FL yet. Map says its up in Daytona and Orlando already, hope it gets to me soon!

infrastructure already setup in melbourne. t-mobile just waiting for local air force base to relinquish its squatting rights that it has with the fcc.

Looks like they turned on some of the towers in Melbourne, FL yesterday (1/18/2010). Mostly beachside & along the river is what I've noticed.

Erm, T-Mobile is a commercial company and will spend their 3G rollout $$$s where it attracts or retains the most customers. No blog is going to change the economics of that. Least of all someone saying "why can't we all have it". Get a grip.

all that keeps me from buying the mytouch is lack of 3g in north county san diego (carlsbad/encinitas)

Various T-Mobile reps in the area all seem to agree...

DAYTON OHIO will be receiving 3G on or around September 27th. Cincinnati will likely precede this date as they are a larger city

I was in Dayton around Thanksgiving and they have 3G. Cincinnati is currently fluctuating between 3G on and back to Edge. I should be 3G shortly but we received it AFTER Dayton!

also....if you have had some unusual service or data interruptions in the late evening or night, 3g is likely on its way in the next few weeks (according to reps)

G does not mean 3G ...G stands for GPRS You have to actually see a 3G icon in your phone ..I'm on Edge at the moment then Again I'm in Idaho Falls. They Always leave the Small Towns in the dark ..At least we get good voice reception all through out Idaho.

I was in Centerville, OH earlier today (a suburb of Dayton), and my Edge icon changed to a 'G' for awhile. It seems like they must be rolling it out here soon! So exciting!

I just switched from AT&T to T-Mobile and got a MyTouch3G phone only to find that 3G is not available yet. What? AT&T has it here in Indianapolis. 13th largest city and no 3G. Maybe I should return this until I get a timeframe of when it will be turned on.

Um yea I've been told we in indianapolis aka the 13th largest city in the entire US are finally going to get 3g coverage 9/9...we'll see.

frederick, md (zip code 21703) 3g is fading in and out. sometimes 3g other times on the edge network. please fix this situation.

Yeah Panama City, FL needs it. Apparently, PCB is going to be the first to get it...luckily I live on the part that's getting it first. Don't know what's stopping them exactly though...

I saw Mobile, AL on one of the lists. C'mon now. Panama City, FL desperately needs 3G. Tmo is the only carrier without 3G coverage now.

I work for a t-mobile corperate store in Dayton ohio. just so everyone knows.............3G is here!!!!!! at midnight of the 23rd.
it will cover dayton, parts of cincy, and north areas like trotwood and vandalia

3g popped up on my phone today in New Orleans !!!! Yahoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

best of all the coverage is functional in side our 200 year old buildings.. which for those of you in normal areas are a real BIOTCH when it comes to communications, wifi, etc.

THANKS TMO my G1 and I are now very happy....

ALBUQUERQUE NM, i'm getting 3G now as of last night (10/12/09 - midnight) just putting my phone on the charge and noticed a change on the EDGE icon.............3g. WOOO HOOO!!!!!!!!! finally have 3g!! still checking it out....i noticed my phone going from 3g to EDGE all day today (10/12/09). tonight seems to be good. lets see how it is tomorrow. i was at work today too so the building may have had a factor. then agian, there are large windows. hmmmm...keep you posted. :)

I was told that Tulsa 3G will be up by January 2010. Sure do hope so, after 9 years with voicestream/tmobile, i am considering taking my phone number and leaving them...

Well I've been waiting over 2 yrs in
Roanoke Va and still no 3G. First off, At&t
lied to me about having 3G in my town from
jump street. I called to confirm before I even
purchased the iPhone 3G. Now it's over 2 yrs
later and they say were in line next to receive it
and we'll have 3G by years end.
Hopefully it's not more lies.

I woke up this morning with 3-G in the Cincinnati/Tri-state area! I'm in Florence, KY, but I've talked to quite a few people around the area, and they have it just as strong!

I can confirm Roanoke, VA. I started seeing the 3G on the 9th and it's still here on the 10th. It's pretty local downtown, I'm still checking the limits of it.

Tulsa lit up 3g early this morning or late last night and then disappeared about the time the sun came up. must be a sign of good things on the horizon.

Today at work in TULSA, OK ( 12/16/2009 ) I saw 3G on my android! NICE! TMO is so lucky... I am just waiting for my contract to expire so I can switch to verizon... but if they keep this 3g working, I just might stay !!!

Nothing in Cincinnati. Great to see how T-Mobile rolls out 3G... townships where 20 people and 200 cows live get it before major metropolitan areas like Cincinnati... "funny", not?


Tulsa 3g service has been off and on the past few days....nice to see. Now if it will just stay on we will be set

Noticed at work tonight that my phone would lapse in and out of 3G. Lapsing in and out at home too, now. I'm in Tulsa. This is good news. All this phone and only EDGE is like buying a Porsche to only drive it two blocks to church once a week.

Got 3g for like 10 minutes around 430 this morning in Tulsa OK. I was so excited I almost pissed myself lol. I was in Atlanta for the past month with 3g and it was the greatest thing ever. Youtube videos virtually instantaneously downloading. They need to bring it back now!

Yeah, its not the biggest city, but Boise ID needs 3G. I'm from Salt Lake and that's not the the biggest city and I get 3G when I go down there. I just don't know why T-mobile is lacking in the 3G area ... everyone seems to be way ahead.

I was sold my G1 with 3G reception which I do not have in Roanoke Va, only G, which the person above mentioned is lower that Edge, have never had 3G reception, they let me out of my contract, refunded two months billing and unlocked my Sim card which was nice but all I really want is 3G reception and the salesperson was too hasty to make a sale. Anyone know when T-mobile will have 3G in Roanoke?

Supposedly North Springfield Missouri had the 3g towers unlocked for public consumpotion, but south springfield still lacks, hurry up tmo im waiting


3G in springfield missouri! at least for the last half an hour now.

experienced 3g last week for about 10 minutes. i assumed i was close to the call center. i suppose they were testing last week. :)