T-Mobile is still rolling out their 3G network in hopes of reaching respectability, this time cities in Texas such as College Station, Beaumont, Bryant , and Galveston are all enjoying the speediness that is 3G. For you Floridians living in Lakeland, Sarasota, Spring Hill, Bradenton, and Weeki Wachee--well you guys have T-Mobile 3G too!

I'm not familiar with a large portion of these cities so it looks like T-Mobile is hitting the smaller cities now with their 3G rollout. Does your city have T-Mobile 3G?



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New T-Mobile 3G Cities Announced


I'm from Fort Worth and I must say it is a nice thing when I can leave the metroplex to those little towns that are close, but not quite part of the metroplex, and still have 3g :)

I live in Naples, Florida and I'm pissed of that they still don't have 3G here. Why the hell would they have it in Sarasota, not many people live there. Here fort myers people who have att have 3G.

I'm in Bradenton and abotu cried with joy when I saw 3G on my phone last week. Arnold, we might have it here first because we are a few miles south of Tampa/St. Pete/Brandon and it was easier to expand, possibly. Hopefully it will be down there for you soon.

I live in southwest Virginia. I'm still waiting on this 3G network. Congrats to those who have received it.

Hmmm...maybe I spoke too soon.

Either I work between two towers and my phone can't decide which tower it wants to use or (my phone keeps switching back and forth from 3G to EDGE) the 3G signal keeps cutting out.

I'm in northern sarasota and my phone keeps switching from edge to 3g and I don't really see a difference when it says 3G. Sounds like a polished turd to me