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Judging from all the e-mails we just got -- including one from Swype that says we were accepted into the beta program -- it looks like a new round of Swype invites has gone out. Trust us, folks, it's a much better track to be on than having to deal with the hacked (and pirated) versions out there. So congrats, everyone! [via Android Central Forums]


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New round of Swype invites goes out


I ended up getting a virus from the copy I found through a google search a few months ago so I've been swype-less since then. Can't wait to get it downloaded!

Wahoo!!! I wrote them about this and downloaded it and now am using Swype as we speak!!! Crazy thing is I've had my DINC since August and have been on the waiting list longer than that!!!

For the ones that want Swype, but got no invite, I have the apk. tim6253@gmail.com

Edit: The version I have definitely works on the Evo and Incredible. It will not work on phones that came preloaded with Swype.

Root your DX.
Move /system/lib/libswype.so > /sdcard
Move /system/app/swype.apk > /sdcard
Install swype

That's what I did. :)

I love the line "You signed up to be emailed when this happened, and probably gave up on us." Yeah that pretty much summed it up. BUT OH SAY AM I GLAD. I was using an APK from another AC user which was stable but it's nice to be legit!..........Now to repeal that texting ban enacted on December 1st here in the land of milk and cheese!

Login to their site and click send email again. Not sure if it works, but I got it after I did that.

If you have a Droid X there is. The DX version is 1.64.x and has this awful white/grey skin instead of the dark blue/grey version and it's HORRIBLE with getting what you are trying to swype and it lacks a LOT of features that 2.15 has .. so .. yeah.

Got app from url. Login not working. Been 45 min since registering. Fingers crossed for an hourly script that allows this trick.

After what seems like a year, I FINALLY got an invite, woo! Been using Ultra Keyboard but went back to swype... I'll have Ultra as a backup but I just got so used to Swype that it's still more intuitive to use.

I'm so happy to have swype now. I was using shapewriter but it looks like swype is a more mature program from what i've seen. I have not tried swype out enough though. I do like how they were able to get more people into the beta. I was waiting for a looooong time.

Tried an unauthorized version of Swype that someone emailed me. Found it to smoke my battery. Switched to using SlideIT and found it to be easy on the battery and liked it alot. Then......I got the invite to download the beta so I am now rocking the beta of the new Swype. Hopefully it will be easy on the battery. I really liked the demo version of SlideIT so hopefully this new beta version of Swype will be equally as good.


That was a good way to start the day! It had been so long since I asked for an invite that I had completely forgotten about. I have high hopes for this install. I tried a few different APKs off of the internet but their stability always seemed to degrade the longer I used them. We'll see how this one does. It seems like it has to be installed through the stock browser though. Tried doing it through Skyfire first and it kept telling me that I was not on an Android device. Switched to the stock browser and it worked right the first time.

I'm having problems with my swype on the EVO. I cannot swype input, but I can individualy type each word. Anyone else experience the same?

The one thing the wifey misses since switching to the incredible from the Omnia II. Installed the beta last night, she was happy so I'm happy...
Then again, I have a fascinate so myeh! :)

Got it today...it is kind of hard to get used to but is pretty cool. But the down load installer keeps popping up saying it is down loaded.