New Moto X and Moto G boot animation welcomes in the warmer weather of springtime

Alright, Moto X and Moto G owners, Motorola thinks it's time to welcome in the spring. And they're doing so with a boot animation, just as they did for the winter and April Fools' Day. Except now it's ten seconds of melting snowmen, flowers, and a chick breaking from its egg.

Motorola, ever so cute. Apologies to those in the southern hemisphere.

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New Moto X and Moto G boot animation welcomes in the warmer weather of springtime


so you clicked on it because you weren't interested and took the time to say how uninterested you are? wow....just wow

Obvious troll is obvious. We shouldn't even be replying. I pity how empty and meaningless his life must be if he's really got nothing else better to do.

Moto keeps the moto x owners interested and keep doing something different threw out the time they have the device that's good to see.

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Gives a reason and reminder to reboot. Computers need regular rebooting, phones included. Thank you, moto X.

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why should I reboot if I'm not having any issues? The phone is great and it can last months without needing a reboot. I probably reboot once every 2 months. I saw the April 1 animation once. now it's changed to spring. I'll probably see it once before they change it again.

nice problem to have ;)

I'm glad Moto is taking the time to do this. Not as beautiful as the original boot animation but I appreciate anything I get given to me.

Actually this made me wanna reboot and check it out lol. Still hadn't changed yet.

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The first one was my favorite so far. They sure do change these a lot for this phone.

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I have a Moto X and the boot animation is the least important thing about this phone, I find it charming that Motorola has taken it upon themselves to change this up every so often. Boot animation will never sway my purchasing decisions, but hey, come on, a little bit of whimsy should be appreciated.

To debate the pros or cons of this is laughable. It's benign.

Yet if this were Samsung, there would be a multitude of posts calling this a gimmick (which is really what this is).

Like a few of the others, I appreciate the thought. Something new. Thanks for keeping things fresh Motorola.

At least it wasn't an animated tornado or flood.

That would be insensitive.

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It uses your location to determine if you get a spring or fall animation. Southern hemisphere gets a fall animation!

I got the spring one down here in New Zealand. It's now fall.

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Well man, Im from Brazil, and Have a Moto G... my boot have changed to a fall and appears to have a skrill.
Um Abraço do Brazil

I don't have a Moto X but I'm curious of the technical details of the animation delivery. Was this an update that needed to be pulled down or just a time bomb? I don't think they'll put this type of thing on their feature list, it's just a nice little bonus that does differentiate their brand.