New Moto X and Moto G boot animation welcomes in the warmer weather of springtime

Alright, Moto X and Moto G owners, Motorola thinks it's time to welcome in the spring. And they're doing so with a boot animation, just as they did for the winter and April Fools' Day. Except now it's ten seconds of melting snowmen, flowers, and a chick breaking from its egg.

Motorola, ever so cute. Apologies to those in the southern hemisphere.

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Warrenisit says:

Not interested in anything you post.

Johnbibbs says:

Then why'd you read it??

Warrenisit says:

Didn't. Clicked to comment. It was a fresh post. First time being a troll but it's worth it here.

ajonesma says:


It's Friday bro, take it easy...

Thanks for the heads up.

cluckkillerb says:

so you clicked on it because you weren't interested and took the time to say how uninterested you are? wow....just wow

ten3br0us says:

Obvious troll is obvious. We shouldn't even be replying. I pity how empty and meaningless his life must be if he's really got nothing else better to do.

Not interested in anything you comment.


Pollster says:

Dickish troll is proud of his dickishness

Lambertoid says:

Moto keeps the moto x owners interested and keep doing something different threw out the time they have the device that's good to see.

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live2skico says:

nice. but I rarely reboot my phone so I never see it.

wsmather says:

Gives a reason and reminder to reboot. Computers need regular rebooting, phones included. Thank you, moto X.

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01011000 says:


live2skico says:

why should I reboot if I'm not having any issues? The phone is great and it can last months without needing a reboot. I probably reboot once every 2 months. I saw the April 1 animation once. now it's changed to spring. I'll probably see it once before they change it again.

nice problem to have ;)

ronnypoo says:

flushes ur temp files

android_app says:

Not really a fan of this boot animation.

bsinc1962 says:

I'm glad Moto is taking the time to do this. Not as beautiful as the original boot animation but I appreciate anything I get given to me.

DCSholtis says:

Actually this made me wanna reboot and check it out lol. Still hadn't changed yet.

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sentinelred says:

The first one was my favorite so far. They sure do change these a lot for this phone.

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tostler says:

I have a Moto X and the boot animation is the least important thing about this phone, I find it charming that Motorola has taken it upon themselves to change this up every so often. Boot animation will never sway my purchasing decisions, but hey, come on, a little bit of whimsy should be appreciated.

To debate the pros or cons of this is laughable. It's benign.

Synycalwon says:

Yet if this were Samsung, there would be a multitude of posts calling this a gimmick (which is really what this is).

TheDu9du says:

I thought it was a flower floating above a toilet. in either case, i don't get it.

megatomic says:

Like a few of the others, I appreciate the thought. Something new. Thanks for keeping things fresh Motorola.

bigdaddytee says:

At least it wasn't an animated tornado or flood.

That would be insensitive.

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RonD says:

It uses your location to determine if you get a spring or fall animation. Southern hemisphere gets a fall animation!

paulw3 says:

I got the spring one down here in New Zealand. It's now fall.

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udazavlanje says:

No Man* should ever say that word, ever!

*lacking confidence in their sexuality

VZW Moto X

Well man, Im from Brazil, and Have a Moto G... my boot have changed to a fall and appears to have a skrill.
Um Abraço do Brazil

hardik15 says:

The update rocks

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miknxn says:

Love the update, bird looping the M is awesome. I'll miss this feature the most come June.

cstam says:

I don't have a Moto X but I'm curious of the technical details of the animation delivery. Was this an update that needed to be pulled down or just a time bomb? I don't think they'll put this type of thing on their feature list, it's just a nice little bonus that does differentiate their brand.