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It was just last month we saw a beta build Android 3.1 Honeycomb leak out for the Logitech Revue and here are now, mid September and another build has leaked out. This time, it's a user debug build and it comes with Netflix loaded. For those of you wonder what a user debug build means exactly, well -- it means root. You can install this build and your Logitech Revue will be rooted, albeit with some warnings. As noted:

  • We tried updating from 2.1 to this -it bricked, so don't do that! (upgrade to 3.1 original beta first, then this)
  • It seems nearly complete - so bet on a real 3.1 user release in the coming weeks from Logitech.
  • Although root is accessible through adb and su. Kernel modules, Kernel, Bootloader = all still signed. Memory is protected, so it's sadly not much of an improvement.
  • The Recovery Menu DOES NOT work, so if you update to this, prepare to be stuck on it (at least, for now). Also if it bricks you are SOL, this is an unofficial leak and voids your warranty

Mind the warnings if you're going to load this one up and you should be fine and check out the source links for the files. Want to see how it runs? There is a video past the break for you all showing the leak in action.

Source: GTVHacker; Channel Android Thanks, Ralph!


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New Honeycomb leak for Logitech Revue comes with Netflix


I've been on the fence about this box for a while now.

My main concern with the Revue is the processing power (or lack thereof). Is there any chance that it can be overclocked or is it locked down?

I'd like to be able to access online video via the installed browser, but from what I hear the Atom CPU is too week to do this well. I am looking to replace a Media PC so I perhaps expect it to do too much (i.e. everything) ;)

I am going to go check out GTVhacker in the hopes of finding out whether or not there's going to be much dev activity for this box moving forward post update.

I've got one running the stock software. I havent had any issues with video playback at all. I use it regularly for and

Oh cheers. I always heard that performance was week when playing flash video via the Chrome browser. I know there will be a way to hack around any restrictions sites like Hulu try to put up to block such devices just as I know they will in turn find a new way to block. It's a neverending Cold War in which people just want to watch their ad-supported content and they want to make it as difficult as possible.

I was just concerned that it wouldn't be able to handle an HQ stream (I know my netbook sporting a similar processor has more than a bit of trouble streaming flash). One of the great things about a media PC is that you can just fire up a browser and do "anything", but it's a clunky solution.

I enjoy it out of the box also. Good device. It could use some updates for a couple of little things like streaming Google Music perhaps. But I really like it as is.

I runs fine as is. I was watching some Bleach Episodes from the web last night. I had about 10 seconds of network congestion (Slow DSL), but that was about it. I also play movied over DLNA from my machine with smooth playback. I haven't even plugged it in either. It's running on WiFi.

I've got one and love it. I'm gonna buy one for my basement TV. I haven't had any trouble with online videos. I regularly use the browser and watch web videos. Netflix playback is also near flawless.

anyone use a slingbox and Google TV? I'm looking in to setting up a slingbox at different location and using a Logitech revue at my house to access it.

So you said that you tried doing directly from 2.1 to 3.1 and it bricked. where you able to recover out of that? I put the wrong file on accident on my usb card and now I'm bricked. Dang naming schemes... thought I could remember correctly... but couldn't.

been trying to days now with searching and tinkering but nothing.
any help would be great. I may even try the hack online to usb into adb.