New applications to bring information to your eyeballs 

The Google Glass updates didn't end with the XE12 OTA and the MyGlass app for iOS. Today Google has dropped a few more new apps into the MyGlass suite of apps. 

For those who don't keep up on things Glass, MyGlass Glassware is the official place to get tried and tested applications for Glass. Of course side loading is easy to do, and popular — it is Android after all — but like anything else, there may be bugs along that route. Sticking to MyGlass is the safe way to play. 

Anyhoo, the new apps:

  • Wall Street Journal — Breaking news, politics, business and everything else you love about the WSJ can now come to you in real-time via Glass
  • Weather Alert — stay informed about severe weather of over 120 types, customizable of course. 
  • Winkfeed — RSS and news feeds right in front of your eyes. Choose your feeds, and Glass delivers. Saving to Pocket is a touch of genius.
  • Upload to YouTube — covered in yesterdays XE12 announcement. you can now upload private and public videos recorded through Glass straight to YouTube.
  • Hangouts —  also covered in the announcement yesterday, Hangouts lets you send and receive messages and pictures with anyone on your Hangouts list. Making video calls and group messaging is also supported.

To install any of the new Glassware, just visit MyGlass on the web or use the MyGlass companion app.

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New Glassware now live on MyGlass


Probably not - Glass is certainly an interesting and futuristic piece of technology but due to the sheer expense and other factors it is not generally readily accessible (I am aware it was not necessarily intended to be but the fact still remains).

Posted via Android Central App on my Motorola XT890 RAZR i

I'd like to see some real good use cases for some of the Glassware and features they introduce. As it stands, having a hands-free camera is the standout feature that I primarily use it for.

Perhaps one day I'll have the funds to leap into a Glass and where one around. It's good to see the apps supporting it expanding alongside the Chromecast capable applications.