Verizon Galaxy S III

As you already know Verizon has eliminated their unlimited data plan, and all new lines and upgrades will require you to pick from one of their new data plans. With the Samsung Galaxy S III pre-orders beginning to arrive in the hands of lucky owners, there are a few reports of activation of the device causing their unlimited data plans to wrongfully be removed from their plan. If you placed your pre-order of the device before June 28, the start date of the new Share Everything plans, you should have been locked into your unlimited data plan again. If you placed your order on or after June 28, unfortunately you are stuck with the new plans, and nothing can be done at this point.

If you notice that your plan has wrongfully changed, don't panic. Simply dial up Verizon (*611) and explain to them the error and they will change things back to the way they should be for you. Be sure to let us know in the forums if you had to have your plan corrected, or if activation went smoothly for you.

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Get a Verizon Galaxy S III? Better make sure you didn't lose your unlimited data


Has it happened to anyone who got the phone at full retail?
I checked the my verizon app and it shows that I'm still unlimited, but you never know with VZW these days

If you are at the end of your contract and you want to keep your unlimited data then you are forced to buy the phone full price.

I'm sure most people that pre-ordered know full well about the status of their data plan.

It would take a special person to be knowledgeable about pre-ordering a phone that VZW hasn't announced, yet be oblivious about their plan details.

Again, VZW could have simply disallowed grandfathered unlimited. Why go to the effort of supposedly duping people?


"Again, VZW could have simply disallowed grandfathered unlimited. Why go the effort of supposedly duping people?"

I sort of disagree with you. While I agree that they could have discontinued the unlimited plans, whether you buy full retail or subsidized, they would have breached the terms of your agreement; and some people are only still with Verizon because of unlimited data. Someone that preordered the phone with the notion that they would have unlimited data only to have it taken from their account would no doubt just up and leave for a different carrier. Although, some people, the variety that lack any sort of backbone, may just up and accept the tiered plans. Just my $.02.

And this is why I have the Droid Razr Maxx - kept the unlimited data plan and don't have a series of screaming head->desk issues afterwards ^^

yes but eventually you'll have to upgrade from the Droid Razr Maxx at some point in the future and this will be an issue even for you. Having said that I always buy my phones unsubsidized so this all has absolutely no bearing on my data plan or phone. - )

Verizon blows... They always want to be different. They are overpriced and overrated at best. Thank god I kicked Verizon to the curb June 28th for Tmobile now I have true 4g coverage and extreme speeds with Tmobile HSPA PLUS 42MPS network. I now have great reception and perfect signal strength in areas I never did before with my CDMA VERIZON GALAXY NEXUS. This is the best example of the most coverage meaning nothing and paying the highest bill monthly was the biggest mistake on my part. Verizon and it's network is now saturated and drastically slower today than in December when I purchased my Galaxy Nexus. Tmobile speeds just shits all over Verizon and it's Lte network.

Do you need a few more minutes for further T-mobile ball-licking? Your comment history is pitifully obvious. You know how T-MOBILE has HSPA+ LOL STRATEGIC CAPITAL LETTERS LOL.

T-Mobile actually blows. I was on the phone with CS more than anywhere else. I couldn't get reception in any wal-marts, and Home Depot, Lowe's, or on my College Campus. I also couldn't get a signal when I was in the basement of my home, or my fiancee's home. I HATED my experience there. They don't pulverzie their customers like Verizon, but Verizon's network makes T-mobiles laughable.

Please don't feed the troll. If you are new here & don't know Richard Yarrell yet, you do now. He's just a fanboy. He jumps around from carrier to carrier & no matter where he is or who manufacturerd his current phone it is the best service & device EVER!! He likes to capitalize things for extra emphasis (so you know it's true!) He was in love with Sprint & both the EVO 4G & EVO 3D, then he claims he jumped to Verizon for the Galaxy Nexus, & now barely 6 months later, he says he is with T-Mobile for their Galaxy S III.

He either is completely full of B.S. and hasn't had any of these devices, or he is any carrier's dream customer because he would have had to have paid 2-3 ETF's in the last year & a half! I lean towards the first.

And this news means that I am screwed. I renewed my contract before the 28th, however, I did not buy a phone. So when I do go to upgrade I need to kiss my unlimited plan good bye. UGH!

I just tested out adding an Incredible 4G LTE at full retail to my cart. They were "nice" enough to give me the option to switch to one of their data bundles, but unlimited data with personal email was still selected by default. So you can still buy a device at full price and keep unlimited right now. I wouldn't expect that to change as long as you're under contract.

I have tried exactly what you tried and it kept telling me that the unlimited data plan was no longer an "available option". I will be certain to fight for my unlimited data when I do buy my new phone.

Since the new contract doesn't start until you activate the phone, I expected this to happen. It's good to know that they are fixing it for people. My fear that they would do this and you'd just be stuck is why I didn't preorder the phone.

Please get your story straight. You are forced with new data plans. You just lose unlimited data and will be forced to tiered data ($30 for 2GB, $50 for 5GB, etc). Share Everything is just another option for you as an existing customer.

I just tested that out too. You're only forced to go to Share Everything if you are a new customer. It would be nuts to give $100 a month for less than what I'm getting for $65 a month total now.

My contract was but on the 5th, my phone got delivered on the 6th. I still have my unlimited, however I didn't attempt to renew/upgrade as of yet.

Received this from Costco/Wireless Advocates back on June 22.

Greetings from Advocates.

Based on the latest information we have received from Verizon, it will not be possible to keep your unlimited data plan when you pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S III. The only way to keep the unlimited data is by upgrading to a device available before the rate plan change on 6/28/2012.

I know there is conflicting information coming from Verizon about this but Costco does not guarantee you will able to keep your unlimited data because we have been told no one, even Verizon’s own pre-order customers, will actually be able to keep that data.

We want to make sure you are absolutely clear about this. If you keep your order# ***** for the pre-order of the Samsung Galaxy S III, you will lose your grandfathered unlimited data. By the time you receive your phone in July it will be too late to do anything about this which is why we are warning you now.

Resellers, like Costco and Amazon, could not grandfather the plan. And now that June 28th has passed, neither will Verizon. But they did honor it if ordered before the 28th, even if activated later.

Costco doesnt sell phones for full price, so they cannot offer the unlimited data to keep since it is only available for existing devices or CSE (customer supplied equipment).

My Verizon contract expired months ago. I waited for the S3 to renew and pre-ordered before the 28th. My phone arrived on the 5th and was immediately activated. All signs show that I have been grandfathered for Unlimited, just as they promised over the phone, when I pre-ordered. I'll be with them for another 2 years, with no complaints.

This is my situation. I should be getting my phone tomorrow and was getting a little worried. Glad that there is precedent for it working out.

No issues here. Got my GSIII today and my plan has stayed unlimited. Now excuse me while I spend the rest of the work day playing with my new device.

So, let's get this straight... I currently have a GN with Verizon, and an unlimited data plan. Let's pretend Verizon gets another Nexus phone next year (I hear you laughing... that's why I said pretend), and I want the new Nexus. If I pay full price to buy the new phone, will I lose my unlimited data plan when I attempt to activate my new phone? No changes to the contract, just changing to a new phone.

You should be able to keep unlimited data in that scenario. Existing customers buying at retail pricing will continue to keep their data plan. The Data Share plans only come into play for upgrades at subsidized pricing or new line activations.

The data share plans are NOT required for current customers who upgrade. Only new customers must go on the shared plans. What happens if you have unlimited data and upgrade is you are forced onto a tiered plan (ie 2 GB/mo) with the option of a shared plan.

I've got my confirmation with unlimited web nearby just in case this is a problem. Glad to hear VZW isn't putting up a fight if you're accidentally dropped from unlimited.

I got my phone today, SGS3 upgraded from my DINC, activated it, then went back to the My Verizon website. My plan details updated with all the 4g information, and I kept my unlimited plan. Preordered on 6/6.
My Voice Plan - NATIONWIDE TALK & TEXT 450
My Data Plan- Unlimited Email & Web for Smartphones (personal email)
My Messaging Plan - Unlimited Text Messages

As soon as you activate your phone, your plan details under your new contract will also update on the website. Easiest way to see that you kept your data plan.

I had to call Verizon to get my unlimited back. After activating the phone I went online and they had switched me to a tiered plan. They switched me right back to unlimited (it happened very quickly as I double checked online -went from 2 GB back to unlimited.

Jarad please get your facts straight. If yiu are an existing customer and updated on or after the 28th you do NOT heve to switch to the new Dhste Everything plans. You may keep your existing Nationwide plan as long as you want. You just hsve to select a tiered data plan starting at 2gb for _$30.

I ALMOST lost my unlimited data plan yesterday due to the system glitch at VZW. I pre-ordered my SG3 prior to 28th with unlimited data confirmed and received it yesterday. Everything had gone smooth with the SIM card activation (my Tbolt SIM wouldn't fit in SG3's microSIM slot). When the rep finished up and asked me if there's anything else she can help with, I simply asked her to validate if my unlimited plan still remains. What a hunch... She said the data plan was erroneously changed to a $45 plan. At that same moment, I was receiving text and email from VZW that I was at 270% of my data plan due to already used 5GB within the billing cycle. WTF!!! However, she was able to retrieve my unlimited data quickly and explained that my next bill statement may look a bit complicated due to this incident. And she kindly said that if there's any over charge in that statement, VZW will credit back that amount.

Verizon, just screwed me out of my unlimited plan as well. upon activation, they moved both of our phones to 2gb plans. Even though we both were on unlimited and preordered the phone.

How would this scenario work. I have an iPhone with an unlimited data plan. I buy a Galaxy III using a friends upgrade option. Can I purchase a 4G SIM card and place it into an older Nexus phone, move my iPhone phone number/plan to the Nexus, then replace the SIM card in the Galaxy III with the SIM card activated on the Nexus?

Ok, so I'm no expert on this by far, but I think I just got lucky.

Previously, my girl and I had DroidX phones, share plan, unlimited text and web.

On Thursday the 12th I got my girl an S3, and we kept our unlimited plan - contract extended out to 2014. On Saturday the 14th I got myself an S3 and kept our unlimited plan - contract extended out to 2014.

I paid the $199.99 price for each phone.

I did not buy them from a VZW corporate store.

Did I somehow slip in to a loophole?

Essentially the same thing happened to me. I upgraded from original Droid to S3 for $199.99 price at non-company store. I could not believe my eyes when I checked my contract today. I retained my unlimited data on both smartphones on the account. I didn't double-check with VZ customer service in case it is a mistake - I don't want it fixed.