Adobe Flash Player 10.2

Adobe has posted an update to Flash Player 10.2 to the Android Market, which marks the Honeycomb version's exit from beta, as well as fixing some Flash security issues across all supported versions of Android. The update also paves the way for Honeycomb to get hardware-accelerated playback of 720p HD video and "enhanced browser integration", though unfortunately these features won't be usable until a "future update" to Android 3.0 is released.

Hit the Market to grab the new version if you already have Flash installed. If not, you can find a QR code and Market link after the jump.

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AndroidUK says:

The QR code links to a beta version for my Honeycomb tablet.

Version - it states "This is the finished production quality release for Android 2.2 and 2.3 devices and a BETA release for Android 3.0.1+ tablets.

icebike says:

The big thing I saw is the support for dual-core processors.

This is going to help those tablets and phones with the newer high-end processors.

In my testing, on Android 3.0.1 and the Tegra 2 processor, I thought I detected faster flash ads, and much smoother scrolling when flash elements were on the page. I had previously turned plugins to be on-demand only, simply because they made page loading so slow, and scrolling very jerky.

I might try leaving it on all the time for a while and seeing if this release improves, or if it was just wishful thinking on my part.

On the other hand, its entirely possible that having dual core capable Flash will simply allow it so suck more of the life out of my tablet painting annoying ads. I do realize its wrong on so many levels to be hoping the ads paint faster.

phillysdon04 says:

After doing this update on my evo, my flash videos aren't working anymore.

CharlieTX says:

Updated to the newer version of Flash, now no Flash videos work on my Atrix.

forkball316 says:

Noticed a slight improvement on my Xoom but video still lags to the point of being unwatchable on too many sites.