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Mozilla has released a new version of its beta Firefox browser for Android, which includes some new way for users to customize their home screen along with some other features and improvements.

Mozilla offers some more information on how these new customization features will work, saying:

Users can customize their home screen pages to see the Web content they want from a variety of websites, feeds and services. Just some of the websites, feeds and services that Mozilla has been experimenting with include Instagram, Pocket, Vimeo and Wikipedia ... Users can pick and choose which home screen page appears as the default, re-order pages, hide unwanted pages or hide all pages for a completely clean new tab experience.

In addition, the Firefox beta version lets users switch between any of the browser's 54 supported languages without having to restart the app. What do you think of these new features being added to the Firefox beta?

Source: Mozilla


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New Firefox beta for Android adds more custom home screen options


If you set the home page to the National Organization for Marriage or any other traditional marriage supporting site, it automatically locks you out of the application.

I have Firefox Beta latest version installed on LG Optimus G running in KitKat 4.4.2, it's worse than Chrome. I open www(dot) it stuck with white screen, if I would like to type word on the search menu in www(dot)lazada(dot)co(dot)id, the Firefox can't do it, when I open second tab, open www(dot)kompas(dot)com for example, both those websites become problem with white screen. If I close those tab, then go to Setting in Firefox, all menus are white, can' chosen.