New Dropbox for Android  beta

Dropbox has sent out email notifications that the latest Android beta is now available for testing, so we fired things up and gave it a spin.  There's some bug fixes -- small file changes now sync properly, files don't re-upload on upgrade or re-install, and increased network timeout so it works better on slow networks, but the new feature list is great.  Alnog with the new version comes:

  • Added "Share to Dropbox" from other applications (Gallery, etc). Either single or multiple files can be shared at the same time.
  • File Downloads & Uploads now display progress notifications instead of Spammy Toasts.
  • Multi-touch Gallery for pictures in a directory. Long-hold on pictures in gallery to do file operations.
  • Now you can create Shortcuts to Dropbox folders by long-holding on the desktop.
  • Added long-hold folder options for sharing and open.
  • Long-hold file Open now plays non-streaming, if it's a streaming file type.
  • Added Cache Size display and Clear Cache button.
  • Prompt to install file manager such as OI or Astro if one is not installed already.
  • Notification if SD card is unavailable, so downloads, viewing, or uploads won't work.
  • The e-mail to tell friends about Dropbox now contains a referral link, so you can get a quota bonus.
  • Visual Redesign with new icons

So far, the new features seem to be working great, and not having to resync and upload/download my cached files on the phone after upgrading was a big plus.  Here at Android Central we all love and use Dropbox religiously, so we're happy to see the changes.  I think you will be, too.  Hit the break to see what the features look like, and you can head over to the official Dropbox forums for the full release notes and download links [Dropbox forums]

Dropbox's new advanced features  New download notifications

New file status indications  New sign-up referral link

In-app link sharing  Share via Dropbox, step one

Share via Dropbox, step two  Homescreen shortcuts

Streaming downloads

 If you prefer to use the current stable version of Dropbox, you can download it right here:

Get Dropbox through AppBrain


Reader comments

New Dropbox for Android beta brings bug fixes and new features


The new beta version has some nice features. However, it wants to run a background service constantly. Even if you stop it, it starts back up even without opening the app. No thanks. Dropbox is a great tool, but it works just fine in the current state in the market version. When it comes to background services that want to run for no reason, I have to weigh the benefits. It's not worth a few exta features just to eat away at my battery. Keep in mind, I'm talking about running services, not apps being held in memory, which do not use battery. I have an EVO and do not use a task killer, as it is not needed. However, I do keep a handle on apps that want to run a service constantly. LauncherPro put one in, and I uninstalled. Enough people bitched about it, til he took it out and now it only runs for a few seconds when updating the widgets, instead of constantly. If Dropbox removes the updater, I'll use the new beta. But, until then, I'm happy with the market version that does not have the updater.

I second; the market should show background and persistent (back after reboot/restart) services. And all app-writers need to re-think leaving an app running versus either only starting when requested, or even an occasional poll.

I want to add my voice to this as well. I would like to see others speak up and send dropbox a message to this effect. I think I will be communicating this to them directly. I hope you will do the same.