BlackBerry 6 OS

We know a lot of you guys and gals out there are former BlackBerry users and abusers. And so we'll put the question to you? With the unveiling today of the BlackBerry 6 operating system, how does it stand up to the likes of Android and the various flavors it comes in? (Sense, Motoblur, Touchwiz, etc.) Check out the video after the break if you haven't already seen it, and check out all the coverage at CrackBerry, and let us know. Anything to be worried about here?


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That new BlackBerry OS sure is shiny


This should have been RIM's OS 5.0 The 5.0 os update was total garbage. 6.0 looks nice but what are the chances it actually runs smooth on any device before they put out a hundred updates

I love BB. I have had BB for very long time, but 5.0 (lets compare it to Vista) got to me. Bye Storm....Incredible coming tomorrow...I will give Incredible a year maybe and see if BB gets back in business and by that time hopefully all 6.0 bugs will be fixed (if RIM wants to stay in business) and maybe switch back if anything good comes out, or maybe HTC will come out with its own OS

It looks like Blackberry... which, let's face it, is a SOLID OS, but if the B.E.P.'s are going to be playing in the background while I use my phone, I'm TOTALLY not interested.

lol doubt its that fast, but im proud of RIM for trying. Im sure a lot of blackberry fiends will be really happy about this.

I'm glad I'm right on the money with the rest of what people are saying around here on the "NEW" BlackBerry 6.0 OS; e.g. it's so last year, should've been 5.0 and the (promo) video doesn't tell us how it will perform on the otherwise laggy devices. Can't wait to see that 256MB RAM struggle with all those screen changes. Also strikes me that only the "touchscreen" Storm will do the most with this new OS... What about the millions of BB devices out there with physical QWERTY keyboards? Sorry, RIM, I'm over it and anxiously waiting for the release of the Sprint EVO 4G.

It doesn't look much different from the old stuff. That whole OS is begging for revolution, but instead it looks like it's been saddled with a little more transparency and more unnecessary complexity. Is that really the best they can do? I've used user created themes that were brimming with more innovation and forward thinking than BB6 appears to have. I'm glad I bailed from that dullard of an OS.

I've seen nothing from RIM that makes me even remotely think about going back. In fact, that video presentation of the new OS was so cheesy and second rate that it just makes me even more happy that I left(if that is even possible) . If I was still rocking BB I would be embarrassed.

Having been a major BB user for many years I finally gave up with OS 5.0. It was a total joke. Now, with 6 on the way it is obviously way to late. Like everyone said, 5 should have been 6, but the "suits" at RIM were too interested in coming out with new (and barely workable) devices every other week. They should have concentrated on building a completely new OS. Instead, what do BB users get... a worked over 5.0... again, what a joke. BB is done and over. Also, not every BB on the market currently will be able to handle OS 6. It gets launched with a completely new BB model (not sure what that is), but if that is the case I suspect that OS 6 will work on the 9700 and newer devices. I fear the millions out there that even have the 8900 Curve will be out of luck. Just another mess up on RIMs part. These guys just can't seem to get it right! As for the Storm... well, I had one for exactly 3 days and returned it and cancelled my account with Verizon. The Storm was the biggest piece of junk I have ever used.

Oh it was there but if you blinked you missed it. There was a four second clip showing the NYTimes. They aren't showing more because it's still the same old slow ass BB browser... they will just be calling it something else. I'm sure it will be faster than the last BB browser but it will still be painfully slow if you are used to browsing on any other mobile device platform.

Until RIM changes their mindset of 'compressed data is King', they're going to be playing catch-up. Nothing I saw there made me want to switch back to BB after moving to Android. Nothing. I'm not even going to mention the BB outages that have been occurring FAR too often...

Would like to get a better look at. But those people WON'T STOP DANCING!!!

It wouldn't hurt for the phone to stay still either. Like trying to read a book on the subway.

Wow, it's the same Java OS, with a new shiny coat of paint!

The song fits with OS6... at least the "2000 and late" part of it...

BBOS is good for work. If RIM comes out and formally apologizes to us Storm owners who were sold a line of BS about it being the ideal convergence device between work and play, then maybe I'll consider going back, otherwise I'm looking forward to joining the android revolution.

I love the Pea's, Charley Daniels, and SRV but none of them playing in the background can make this anything more than a joke. Used BB for years until something better came along. After finding out how to get my mail on my DROID I love it and will never go back to BB. OS6 is "better" but too late, and....what about the device it runs on when are they going to get updated to this century??

Nice "commercial".
But I'm a touch screen guy, and I'm damn sure not going back to the only touchscreen blackberry. (Storm or Storm2)

@gobluejd it's so cool how you put together that website! I'm going to test the Android waters with the Droid Incredible. I currently use a Storm2. I'm still not convinced my Blackberry can be replaced but I'm willing to put the Incredible to a 30 day trial to find out. I'm sure your blog will help me out in the switching process and I wanted to thank you for it.

Nice for fans but I seen all this before. Phones been doing this stuff for the longest. Kudos for stepping it up, but I feel they just kinda caught up (kinda is the key word)when they should have done something to set it apart from other OS's.

that video was horrible! at first i was excited by the cleavage but that quickly dissolved as a result of the cheesy dancing. thankfully my computer is on mute. i can only imagine what the music must sound like.

as you can tell, i've been distracted by the ad, i was unable to even look at the screenshots. even if it is an OK OS, the presentation will destroy it before it ever gets a chance. look at the palm ads with the creepy looking girl, for example.

The most generous explanation for this is that RIM management is hopeless, clueless, and considers iphone and android devices to be fades that aren't "serious" enough for their best minds to bother with.

If you were going to market a high end car would your commercials showcase power-steering, a/c, and AM/FM/CD as features? No, because once your biggest competitors have it, it ceases to be a selling point. You should concentrate on what makes you different or better, instead of always saying "me too".

This reminds me of the storm 1 roll out. Everyone knew it was a direct competitor with the iphone. All the reviews compared the two. Yet RIM released a device with a weaker feature set?

Your next phone/OS should take the best features already in place and incorporate them as MINIMUM requirements, and you should build from there. If people are going to spend money on the latest tech they want to show it off. Nothing embarrasses them more than when someone says "my old phone can already do that".


The "creative" video shows some improvements. I would like to see a demo without the dancing in the background. Maybe see how smooth it flows. From what I see, if that is all they got, they are still lagging WAY behind. I also agree with the BBM comment but I don't see that happening.

Maybe they're just testing the waters to see what people think. That way they can decide if they should buy Palm / WebOS. Just kidding :)

Though, I do think if anyone needs a modern OS its RIM.

It will still take forever for this OS to be released...even if Blackberry releases it in a few months, it will still take Verizon god knows how long to actually approve it for their phones

looks like more of the same to me. too little too late. I'm jumping off the blackberry train this weekend, for the oh so nice incredible

Looks better than I originally thought from the leaks... Hopefully RIM can make this work! It's going to depend a lot on their hardware too, can't just drop a new OS and make it work! I'll be sticking with my Incredible for at least a year or so, but maybe this will put RIM back in the running for a future phone!

I'm leaving the Blackberry world in two days, but what the hell was the point of that video? Why is it that RIM hasn't been an innovator these last few years? And the dancing was unnecessary. And The Black Eyed Peas? Come on RIM. There's a reason I'm leaving you for the world of Android.

It's a little breakthrough for RIM but it's just too late. The constant performance issues with my BB storm1 made it easy for me to upgrade to android tomorrow evening. I wish RIM the best of luck anyway.

Not a BB user, but it seems to me that most users like the whole BB experience with keyboard. So the OS might make the storm an alternative to iPhones, but I didn't really see in the video how 6 improves the business user's (with keyboard) experience.

Blackberry still owns the email side and other than the browser a bb can do anything any other smart phone can just as well if not better.

what is with all the dancing and moving around of the screen? It doesnt look that far off from the current OS or what every other android phone has now and by the time it comes out android and apple will be on to the next thing and RIM will be playing catch up again

After seeing that video, I'm not sorry one bit my Tour just died. I tiptoed over to the dark side and joined forces with a Droid, and you would think I just got my first bike! To all you die hard crackberry addicts out there(as I was) who are afraid to take the plunge, go with both feet. There will be no looking back. BTW, odd that they would show that video on a touch screen when RIM's big dog just made a comment about touch screens being insignificant, no?

Android makes OS5 look like a Tandy TRS80 machine.