Photo spheres!

A great place to talk about the camera on your Android phone, and share the great pictures you take with it

The new Android Central Photography forums are now open for business! Our Android phones are for more than calling and texting, and taking photos to share with friends and family is now a great reason to have one. Cameras are advancing, and while their probably never going to be as good as professional equipment, we've seen some awesome pictures snapped with the camera that's always in your pocket -- the smart phone.

All of us here at AC are big picture takers as well. We know what it's like to have questions, or want to talk about the best way to use our phone cameras, and of course share pictures. Part of being a blogger for a big site like AC means learning how to take the best pictures you can, and we're often out and about depending on our phone to get the shot. You guys deserve nothing less than our best. We can't wait to talk and share with you guys and gals!

One really great tool we've been working on is being able to embed your photosphere pictures right into your forums post. A whole lot of reading, a little bit of sweat and a cold bottle of refreshment or two later, and we have it up and running. In fact, we've got a dedicated forum designed for sharing them and we really want to see them all! There are full instructions with a video about how to post them, and it's a pretty easy affair. 

So get your lenses wiped clean, grab your best pictures, and head into the forums to share with the world. We'll see you there!

Join us in the Android Central Photography forums

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tylerjames09 says:

Jerry is the man.

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xlDeMoNiClx says:

Lol that's funny

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How about a Zoe category?

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Scratch that. Device specific. Never mind.

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HTC doesn't have an API to use to view them unfortunately. For now, we all have to upload the three second clip to YT to share them.

Trust me, I've thought about it LOL.

S_C_B says:

Jerry, you think you're fancy now that you work for the site full time, don't you? Well, do you?

I think I'm fancy because this sat here for two hours with a tiny typo and nobody caught it before I finally saw it.

Achievement Unlocked :P

hodan says:

I couldn't even get pics to embed or link from'm not even gonna try this. But sounds cool!

hodan says:

Will do! Thanks!