New Android Calendar look and features leaked

Another batch of screenshots featuring significant UI updates to Google Android apps has surfaced. The first few were looking at Gmail, and now it’s Google Calendar. Besides the obvious visual overhaul, there’s a new view for birthdays and a daily agenda. There’s also some fresh social integration.

As before, there’s no way to tell for sure if these changes will see the light of day, since this is all pre-release, but even a peek at a work-in-progress helps us figure out the general direction Google’s going in.

What do you guys think? Does this look good? What would you want to change in the native Google Calendar for Android?


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Looks amazing. Seriously, this needs to happen. The calander app currently looks like something from 3 years ago with all the dull colors.

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Looks nice. But, am I really the only one thinking, our displays are getting bigger, better, brighter and more accurate for every new phone released and still, it feels like UI design is slowly moving towards this...

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andrewhime says:

What about the pic of Calendar above says MS-DOS to you?

The screens on our phones are full HD nowadays, with as rich colours as an expensive television. Still, we stride after a user experience that is borderline monochromatic and flat. Often to the extent where UI designers prioritise "clean design" ahead of user-friendliness. That's what I meant. Metro/Holo was fun, but it is slowly getting to a point where everything looks too similar, the user interface, apps and websites. It is honestly getting boring.

I was hoping Google's purchase of that app developer who made Timely was a sign of Google daring to spice it all up a bit again. Apparently I was wrong.

mercado79 says:

I have to disagree with you. Timely is way too much color. It's over the top. As a general approach / style guide, the stock apps and standard phone UI should be simple and "get out of the way". For people that want to customize and make things interesting, that's what 3rd party apps are for. In my opinion, this looks terrific. I want simple and elegant, even if it's a little bland. At least they don't go in a direction that makes a portion of their user base cringe (as TouchWiz often does).

Agreed. The nice thing about google's apps is that they are neither bland,neither blindingly colorful. They use color and shapes tastefully,not too much. Not to little. They have mastered the balancing act of expression and usability. These new Google 2.0 updates that should be rolling out will only improve that.

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It's the general idea of Timely, not the choice of colour. A UI with a bit more volume. This will allow for a richer UI with more apparent gesture features.

The general style guide is not a irreplaceable constitution. Nothing is.

Just because my screen is high resolution and reproduces colors great does not mean I want to be bombarded by a cluttered UI and flashy graphics constantly. The state of the art screens included on high end devices these days really shine when viewing high resolution images, watching HD video and playing detailed games. Any UI that would use my screen's capabilities as much as those activities would probably be an absolute clusterf*ck to navigate. I don't know about anyone else, but I do NOT want the apps I use daily to look like a Myspace page from 2006.

Thinking in black/white I hear. :)

There are more than two paths, you know...

Oh I know, but manufacturers are going to go down the path that has the most money at the end. And the do that by making intuitive, simple to learn and easy to remember UIs. Look at iOS, up until iOS7 it was practically the same every year, because people knew it and liked it. Not everyone wants the look and feel you do, so they cater to the masses whether you like it or not. And besides, if you want something a certain way, the beauty of Android is that someone makes an app that will do just that for you.

unopepito06 says:

These things run in cycles. It's just where we're at right now. Think about the 90s, how neon colors ruled everything, and when you see graphic design on posters or commercials from back then you can tell exactly when it's from. It's the same thing now, anyone doing any type of graphic design is going right for this look: flat & minimalist with hip colors. Just look at Touchwiz on the S5 and the leaked shots of the LG G3 UI. It's not just in computer or phone UI either; take a stroll through your local Target store and you'll see much of the same thing. Everyone recognizes it, and it will forever be remembered as being associated with these years. That's just how it goes.

frettfreak says:

?? yeah, totally looks like MS DOS.... (obviously you have NEVER used MS dos)

IMO calendar looks great! What do you want google to do, drastically change the look of all their crap with every OS release? SOOOO many reason that cant and shouldnt happen. get A clue man

Golfdriver97 says:

I like the screenshot look too. Hope it is permanent.

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Aaron Abdis says:

Looks decent, but I REALLY wish in the "native" apps, Google would start including theme options based on Holo Dark, ... I try to run everything on my phone as black as possible, and the Google apps really stick out like a sore thumb! :(

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I don't like doing "+1" posts but...

I agree wholeheartedly!

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kjrod98 says:

This. And the low contrast on certain apps makes it hard for those of us with visual impairments to see what we're tapping on.

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What?! ...I'm msndrstood.

fuzzylumpkin says:

We're in the same camp, I find it odd their apps are so low contrast when they've done such good things in other areas, gesture magnification is my best friend!
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nicoru28 says:

Nice and neat. Love it!
Please change all of your apps UI. It's really boring somehow

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korab84 says:

I like Google's Calendar app

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Wish it had a better widget. For example, showing the whole month rather then the day.

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Dizfunctions says:

If that's that's what it's going to look like then I am switching from cal back to Google calendar

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Me too. Loving Cal, but this is way better.

daviesben33 says:

Well this is pretty cool, I just wanna say that I went to cineworld this afternoon at 2 o'clock to watch the winter soldier.

I'm so glad to see Google working on the graphic design of its core apps. Both of these apps have badly needed a visual refresh for a very long time. Now if only their web counterparts could get an overhaul too

A modern designed widget would be a great addition as well.

JonAis says:

I don't like it. Why would I want half a screen for two overviews. I'd rather see more of the full immersion features on Kitkat.

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sladyrko says:

Looks AMAZING! Lately all updated apps look so much better.. Close to iOS but not exactly the same.. Good job devs, keep the good work!

chaloney says:

I was going to say "who cares how it looks, function is what matters" but the dark theme idea is a good one. The thing I'd really like to see is inclusion of the ability to duplicate an event on a different day, like I can on the online Google calendar, like I could on my palm 3 and palm treo (way back when)

Wollombi says:

You can do this in aCalendar and aCalendar+. The + version was worth the purchase to me.

Fr3lncr says:

The stock calendar app is awful (the only platform I think is worse is Windows Phone) so any change would be good. In the interim, I'll keep using 'aCalendar+' which may not be perfect but at least better than stock.

KCAndroid1 says:

Google Calendar, like the Samsung S3 calendar, has one huge problem: you cannot edit a calendar entry if its created from an invitation. This forces me into other apps, such as Business Calendar or aCalendar, which do allow editing of every entry, even if somebody else is the meeting organizer.

iamalquarles says:

I'm just waiting to try it out.

Awesomesaur says:

Anyone else think this looks a little appley? It's nice but just reminds me of ios7

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I stopped using the stock calender when I found Cal. Looks like Google is starting to implement some of the features that Cal already offers.

tr-1 says:

So the "half-hidden hamburger" style menu is gone now?

That half hamburger was pure sex. The whole hamburger has a lot left to be reimagined. Google could step up here and radically improve it

jbcreate says:

i personally am not that big of a fan of the new ui just because the style reminds me so much of the USA today redesign. from a design standpoint tho, it looks neat and pretty. just not for me.

But the USA Today redesign was so good!

Blucose says:

Im not convinced.

While on the one hand i agree that it looks nice, I don't want android to have yet another visual design change, just for all the other apps to play catchup again, when most haven't even employed current guidelines.

What has happened to the Android Design Guideline hamburger slide out menu?! Its been replaced with a much uglier version.

tr-1 says:

Agreed. I though they finally settled on a very handsome theme and many developers are still trying to match it....... now it's a redesign again? Overall GUI redesign is not that big of a deal... it's the theme (hamburger menu) they should leave alone and let everyone catch up to.

I would argue that this isn't a move away from the current Android Design Guideline, just a more effective implementation.

Blucose says:

they specifically point out how slide out menus should work, and this isnt it.

Its still holo i guess, and i do quite like the look, dont get me wrong, I'm just still waiting for a UI consistency across all of android, and this isnt helping. And its just annoying for developers when their app looks old because google went crazy again.

FortTech101 says:

I like it, but a I just think it needs to have the same hamburger menu, and not the iOS looking slide out thing.

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tastisnax says:

One word: YES.
Well I guess that was three in total.
Damn, now it's ten!
Uh oh, fourteen!
Oh geez...

t0ph0id says:

Business Calendar Pro is still the best calendar app on Android. Google should take some pointers from that.
I want a month view where I can read text for each day, not just a marker to show I have something on my calendar, so that I have to click on it to check what it is.
Business calendar Pro does this.

BTW I have no affiliation with Business Calendar Pro, I bought the app because it's great.

fuzzylumpkin says:

I see this Gapp and I want it painted black. No colours anymore, I want them to turn black.

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BB_Bmore says:

Looks great.


MetalMike901 says:

I like it and the gmail new look. Google apps, while providing great functionality and service, often look dull and lifeless. Hopefully this breathes new life into them!

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K White1 says:

The white stock calendar on my device was meeting my needs, but I recently purchased a transparent calendar, which I love because it doesn't cover my wallpaper. It really looks great, I think. Now, I can't live without a transparent calendar, so hopefully Google includes that option.

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neo905 says:

When exactly is Android going to support sending and not just receiving .ics calendar invites? That's one small thing IOS does that Android should make happen to make the calender more functional from a business and personal use basis.

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alfred72 says:

Hi! Love it! But, I think the black theme should be gorgeous.

RustyU says:

Both this and the Gmail "leaks" were shown on the M8 and both look quite HTC Sense-ish, I think it's more likely they're upcoming HTC apps rather than leaked Google ones.

Droid Stew says:

The calendar app has been in need of an overhaul. I always took it as Google leaving it up to third party developers to create a calendar worth using. Hope these changes happen.

Theot says:

I don't want social integration of my calendar. If I wanted people to know my schedule I'd put it on Facebook. I hate this social integration push of everything. Better be able to turn it off.

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jackos2500 says:

I think the UI looks nice, but one thing that I noticed straight away in both the leaked Gmail and Calender is the nav drawer icon... It suggests a different nav drawer style than the one used currently. I really like the way the current nav drawer setup works, (eg. in the Android Central App, Google Play Music) and I'm not sure I would like if it changed. It looks great overall though!

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zackmack7 says:

I like it. The current calendar is very, VERY basic as far as aesthetics go. Its not ugly by any means, but compared to other calendars...well, yeah.

drgradybooks says:

I use a third party calendar app because I'm not thrilled with Google's offering. However, this looks really promising.

jean15paul says:

That looks sexy.

emptiful says:

Looks alright. If you're looking for a reskinned version of the stock Android Calendar app, check out Jack Underwood's Today Calendar (currently in beta):

Dsquare says:

I like Business Calendar Pro.

From the layout options to the calendars you can set to view. And their widgets gives you different background color options, but keeps your calendar color coded with the original Google calendar.

scribe4food says:

It's all about the widget for me. When are they going to make a fully functional, 30 day calendar widget - like Samsung's.

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Howard Sylve says:

Looks nice, I hope this or something happens to the visual aspect of the calendar app. Note's changes were nice to see.

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mercado79 says:

I really was just thinking about this today and the fact that the calendar needed a refresh. And don't forget about the widget! The current one is awful.

Eric B1 says:

this needs to happen. the current calendar app is terrible.

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zhecht says:

As log as they add a "go to date" feature so I don't have to scroll forever I don't care what it looks like.

Lytspeed says:

Google, please add the ability to change calendars for an event after it's created. I don't know how many times I've accidentally put something on the wrong calendar, then had to wait until I was near a computer to log in and move the event to the correct calendar. It should be a simple drop-down under the calendar name, IMHO.

Wow, this looks refreshing. Hopefully this overhaul brings the ability to view attachments.

SGSII says:

Looks beautiful!!

Paola1993 says:

I love it! Google Calendar looks so boring right now.

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