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Can't wait until November for your Ice Cream Sandwich fix? You can now find eleven new high-resolution wallpapers from the recently-released Android 4.0 SDK build over on the Android Central forums! The images are same abstract backgrounds that've been spotted in a number of Galaxy Nexus photos, and we've got the high-resolution (1440x1280) originals pulled from the SDK, ready to spruce up your phone's homescreens while we wait for ICS to officially arrive.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to the AC forums to get started!

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bdroc says:

There is also a new ICS Go launcher theme with these... The theme itself is really nice too

moosc says:

Sorry AC these have been out a week also full system app dump ics sounds all from P3 at


Sorry for what? You saying they shouldnt have posted them?


My bad, double post...

Zorachus says:

What about the live wallpaper they were showing off last night. The blue/purple with slow moving bubbles, I really liked that one.

weird most of these papers are awfully feminine looking

gray21t says:

any one have the live wallpapers yet?

meccariello says:

Ugly ugly ugly. Uncreative and ugly.

IAmAPhoenix says:

I've had them on my OG for about a week now. They're all disappointing.

Taysider says:

The Wallpaper Canyon has been out for months, have it on my tablet

nogdolan says:

I believe that this wallpaper is either a Windows Vista or 7 wallpaper!!

TheMan876 says:

I think I had it on the original Pre, haha

MarkSeven says:

Yeah these are already on the Go Launcher ICS theme. I've only used the main one since the others are kinda either plain or girly. Thanks for nothing Google/Samsung.