These are the kinds of updates we like to see. As many of us are getting our hands on devices running Android 4.2, Netflix (and many others) is updating for full support of the new platform version. The last couple of weeks may have felt like years waiting for the update, but it was still released in a pretty reasonable timeframe (now the Starbucks app, on the other hand...). Aside from supporting Android 4.2, there have been a few other notable changes:

  • Large volume button
  • Easy scrubbing with new screen stills
  • Improved stability and playback bug fixes

All-in-all, a very useful update. We'll take improved support and usability features any day of the week. You can grab a download at the Google Play Store link above.


Reader comments

Netflix updated to support Android 4.2, improve UI


Now i want better quality. the psp vita version of netflix has better quality i mean the video quality in the vita looks awesome.

I'm still curious about all of these app permissions that they keep adding. I tried emailing Netflix support but received no answer.

I don't see why people freak out about app permissions! If it wasn't safe to download then it wouldn't be on the market in the first place!

Well one does get a bit fatalistic after awhile. When you want a program and it asks for all those permissions, you have no choice but to either accept them all, or reject them and the program. Kind black and white.

I'm not so concerned about the app being "safe to download." I don't think a company like Netflix would do anything to harm the user's device or violate the user's privacy. But I'm curious why they need permissions to create Bluetooth connections or read sensitive log data or retrieve a list of my running apps. I'm streaming content from them - that's all. It would be nice if developers would include information on their website or in the app description that explain why they need certain permissions beyond the scope of what you would reasonably expect from the app.

I dislike using Netflix app on my Android. It felt laggy, for your information, I am using SGS3 and SGN2. Both of them is high end phone and yet it felt laggy. It felt like that they are using some form of Flash. It wasn't smooth . When I swipe the genre section while it in the process of loading the images of movie, it keep pushing me back to the first order. It great that they add 10 Sec Rewind, but what about the Fast Forward? CrunchyRoll App have this function and it work great, it didn't even lag at all. It so extremely smooth and work superbly. I wish Netflix should follow Holo UI to make it look good. CrunchyRoll is using Holo UI and it really look great than Netflix UI. Anyway, it still a great app and the video is so smooth.

we finally have netflix as it has been for almost year on the iphone! it's not as laggy to browse through videos anymore either, thank goodness, love my netflix!