Netflix for Android

If you just so happen to live in Sweden, Denmark, Norway or Finland, Netflix would like you to know they've not forgotten about you. In fact, the latest update available in the Google Play Store opens up the Android app to those regions along with improved subtitle support for Android 4.0 and above.

Plus, while it's not noted, the app does seem to respond a little bit better over previous versions. By that we mean, it no longer takes 2 minutes to scroll through items causing you to forget what you were intending on watching in the first place. That's a good thing.


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Netflix now welcoming mobile viewers from Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland


I wonder if their selection sucks as bad as it does in Canada. I opened netflix on a recent trip to the US, and saw how badly we are getting screwed in the great white north. seriously wtf?

Just signed up for an account so now I have a month of free streaming before I need to decide if I want to continue as a paying customer.
The app seems OK but could definitely be faster. Compared to the vast amounts of shit that are aired on Scandinavian TV I wouldn't label this as getting screwed even though US selection might be better.
And I can use my Wii as a Netflix hub, that's pretty cool. Anyone knows if the same goes for HBO Go? That should be available here soon as well.

It's free the rest of the year if you're a premium Spotify user. I haven't tried the Android app yet (I can see the latest update is getting horrible reviews) but I've watched a few HD TV shows on the PS3 "app".

The content selection seems pretty poor. While I've certainly come across quite a few older movies and TV shows I'm looking forward to revisit in the coming months, it's pretty slim pickings on relatively recent releases, and older ones as well for that matter.
Do a search on major action stars like Stallone or Schwarzenegger for instance (I've tried a few other popular actors with similar results), and you get a pitiful ~10 movies for each, most of them predating this century.

But I'm still positively surprised that we even got a proper streaming service here in Denmark this side of 2015. Content licensing deals on a national level are obviously a nightmare that's a decade or two behind technology, and it's been looking grim so far (and obviously still does to some extent with the limited Netflix catalog).