Netflix on the Droid X

If you've been wondering when you'll see an official version of the Netflix app for your beloved Droid X, today is your lucky day.  You'll need to have updated to Gingerbread, but since it's now all official-like there's no more hanky panky involved to get it up and running.  Just grab it from the Android Market, sign in and start streaming movies on that big screen.  You can find the download link after the break. 

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moosc says:

xoom would be better

stonefeet says:


work would be so much better.

onsightit says:

i agree, but why in this day and age are we waiting on platform specific releases? Has the android become the PC of of the 90's?

19mitch79 says:

Que the "what about the DX2" whining in 5,4,3,2...........

mjneid says:

it took four mins.

andyl620 says:

Droid X is nice. But. It isn't my Inspire 4G... :-(

Jeepzor says:

What about the dx2 :-)

Hey Neflix, How about fixing the app for the Evo 4G GB update? hmm? I honestly don't understand whats taking so long. Many other major developers that had their apps broken by the update have since released a fix. Why are you stalling?

bumpandrun says:

Exactly! You should fix what is already out there before programming for new devices.

You're welcome, Jerry!

Now back to my regularly scheduled SG:1 marathon...

EvanGMan says:

Thunderbolt owner here patiently waiting for some 4G Netflix love. Please, Netflix? Pretty please?

Ricky Babalu says:

Been using the hacked version for awhile, now I can become "Official".

mjneid says:

Love using @cyanogen ROMs. And love using #netflix on my MyTouch4G. /Just saying.

devore2 says:

Oh, that's nice. New release for a phone model. How about we fix the broken app for the EVO that was already working but now doesn't!!! Freakin' tempted to root my phone......

samy2082 says:

Aw Come on , Netflix please Fix Broken app on HTC Evo 4g with 2.3.3 GB, before adding other phones, and how long till will it take to work with HTC Evo 3D when it comes out the 24th, Isn't the Evo one of the top selling Android phones

El Jefe says:

Yes it is, & so is the Droid X

bcpalma says:

video quality is doo doo.

rorywohl says:

I was really just wanting this app in the hopes I could manage my queue from a "native" Netflix app rather than granting access to my account to a third-party app.

But, noooo, if you have the el cheapo "1 DVD out at-a-time (2 a month)" plan which doesn't include streaming (which I do), then you can't use the app.

It doesn't give you an error message, it just doesn't let you log in. (Returns you to the log in screen with your attempted credentials removed.)

El Jefe says:

Unless they just added the ability to manage your DVD queue within the app, you can't do it anyway. The app is just for streaming.

mdmitchell13 says:

Lol pay the extra 3-5 bucks and get yourself an unlimited plan

bumpandrun says:

I've been using NetQ forever and it's great for managing your queue.

tjubb says:

yawn. patiently waiting for some Xoom and Thunderbolt love.

El Jefe says:

You don't have to be on Gingerbread for it to work. I am still on 2.2.1 Froyo & the official app works for me.

Nirvana328 says:

Anyone know why Netflix is taking their sweet time by enabling this for phones one device at a time? Just seems like nonsense to me.

arundc says:

Unlike the competitor, not every Android phone is the same.

Cyrilmak says:

Me and my DroidX thank you Netflix!

awd1315 says:

I am about to cancel my Netflix all together
1. No support on Evo and Thunderbolt but yet you give it to the LG Revolution WTF???
2. Movies that are streamed through my Wii you can find on Hulu & they are all outdated...there is only so many times I can watch "Maid in Manhattan" and "Scary Movie I" ~~~ seriously...
3. If I want to watch a movie by the time it arrives via snail mail (DVD) I have lost interest.
I am sure I will find something else to complain about Netflix for $11 a month