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Two months after taking the Nest Protect off shelves and issuing 440,000 recalls, Nest has announced that the smoke detector is now available for sale at a reduced price of $99.

Originally retailing for $129, the Nest Protect was removed from store shelves on April 3rd as it was found that a feature that allowed users to silence notifications with a hand gesture wasn't functioning properly. It was discovered during testing that the Nest Wave feature allowed users to unintentionally deactivate the alarm in the case of an actual fire.

Nest rolled out a software update within 24 hours that remotely disabled this feature, and has since provided a way for customers to return their smoke detectors for a full refund.

After a month and a half since issuing the recall, Nest has resumed selling the Nest Protect with the Nest Wave feature disabled. Users looking to disable the alarm have to do it the old-fashioned way — by pressing a hardware button. Nest has announced that it is looking into alternative ways users can disable the alarm, but it is likely that hand gestures won't make a comeback. Even without Nest Wave, the smoke detector comes with features that include smartphone integration, ability to detect high carbon monoxide levels and an auto diagnostic mode that checks the integrity of the system every night.

Would you consider buying a smoke detector that you can monitor with your smartphone? If you answered yes, click here to buy the Nest Protect for $99.

Update: The Nest Protect is also in stock to buy now from the Google Play Store for the same price. If that's where you prefer to buy your devices, then head on over and take a look.

Source: Nest Blog; Via: Engadget


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Nest Protect is back on sale for $99, gesture control not included


The wave is the feature that first made me want the Protect. WIthout it, it seems a bit pointless to me. The main interaction you have with a smoke detector is trying to turn the damn thing off when cooking - the wave gesture was perfect.

I kinda agree but I also like that you get alerts on your phone (don't you?). So if you are at work and you get an alert, it's certainly nice to know.... You can call home and check to see if everything is OK or ask your neighbors to check, etc.

Do you have to replace it every few years like a normal smoke detector or is it a magical device that lasts forever?
I say it like that because just like a normal smoke detector the gas inside it eventually leaks out or stops being effective and it needs replacing.

So at $100 it is awfully expensive for added functionality that is marginal at best.

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For the record, there are 2 types of smoke detectors... Photoelectric, which uses a photo eye to sense smoke and ionization, which uses radioactive particles inside the smoke detectors to sense smoke. Only the ionization smoke "dies" after the radioactive material inside dissipates. The photoelectric works until it malfunctions. Typical lifespan of radioactive material inside smokes is 10 years.

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I am debating filling out the recall now since the cost is only $99. They really should offer anyone that didn't do the recall the $30 difference.

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Whenever a product you own is recalled for safety issues, you should fill out the recall. Them giving you money to keep a defective device is a liability to them.

Is there an option to disable it via the app? Then automatically re-arm after 5 minutes. My phone is always much closer to me than a step ladder.

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I still wouldn't buy it until it includes both Ionization and Photoelectric sensors. There's no reason that my $30 smoke detector should be better at detecting fast burning fires than this $99 detector.

That sucks. The price reduction is great, but the wave feature was a big draw for me. I'm disappointed they couldn't figure it out. That was one of the main features that made me want the device. Now, I won't be getting this anytime soon.

They should just make the alarm cancellation voice activated by saying "Robby, emergency cancellation Archimedes"

Voice de-activation I would second. Although to the article question, I do have the Nest thermostats, but I have desire in a Nest smoke detector. Not helpful really. I'll stick with the 30-50 dollar range detectors that work nicely. They should move onto other products however that I would like to integrate into my home.

They should just change the wave gesture to a sound detector. Perhaps it can disarm at the sound of coughing.