Google Maps aren't the only ones playing a little early April Fool's Day shenanigans. Sir Richard Branson, Virgin founder and Tony Fadell, iPod designer and head honcho at Nest, have teamed up to deliver a not-so-believeable skit for Total Tempetature Control.

Sadly, not every seat will really have it's own thermostat, and we can't really select an exotic location and bask in the tropical glow.



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Nest partners with Virgin Group for in-flight personal climate control


Stupid. The whole idea of nest seems silly to me. I also doubt the fact it saves any money. Your probably better upgrading you whole hvac than getting a nest.

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Nest is just a programmable thermostat with a pretty face. There are dozens of them out there. If you think that a programmable thermostat won't save you any money you're pretty ignorant bud. Enjoy life though.... Ignorance is bliss from what I hear.

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It's not normal. It tries to guess when your home and not, an adjusts accordingly. If your like me, and in and out of the house a few times a day, it's better to leave the thermostat alone, and not adjust it all the time. That is why I doubt it saves money. It may save over a non adjustable one though.

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