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New connected thermostat for British homes now available online

Soon after the Nest Learning Thermostat launched in the U.S., demand began to rise in the U.K. for the now Google-owned company to bring the rather expensive product across the Atlantic. And today Nest has officially launched in the UK and is ready for order, with prices starting at £179.

An interesting note to take away from the announcement is this Nest Thermostat is almost entirely brand new, separate from the model available in the US and Canada. This is down to the thermostat's incompatibility with U.K. central heating systems. Simply put: Brits generally don't have issues with excessive heating and AC use.

"Most UK heating systems don't even have thermostats. So the actual temperature or your comfort never enters into the equation. In order to warm up the house, you have to keep walking back and forth to the programmer, manually turning on the heat in quick bursts hoping you get it right. There's also no way to track how much heat you're using, so balancing comfort and energy savings is guesswork."

For those of you who aren't familiar with the Nest Thermostat, the product is much more than your average programmable thermostat in that it learns the temperatures you enjoy at different parts of each day. A schedule is then created, replacing the one utilized by the standard thermostat, offering more comfortable heated environment.

We've previously looked at the Next Thermostat in quite some detail and you'll want to read through how our own Phil Nickinson got acquainted with his expensive installation. Is it worth the investment? £179 (available through and other partners) is a small price to pay if it means saving pennies in years to come. Check the Nest website for more details, as well as links to certified UK professionals who can carry out the installation. Source: Nest

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Nest launches in the UK today for £179


Who needs Nest when we have a much more advanced Thermostat in the UK called Tado.

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2nd that - Got fed up waiting for Nest and had Tado installed 4 months ago. Never looked back. Works great and well worth a look.......(just lacks the bling factor of NEST)

seriously, brits don't have thermostats?
england really is a third world country.
i've never been there (nor will i ever want to), but from what i've seen on tv, they're mostly poor, with tiny houses, tiny old cars, lol, they still have horse and carts on their streets!
get with the 21st century england!

LOL... perfect response to an arrogant moron.
I imagine it must hurt when someone like samxool realises he comes from the most hated country on the planet... especially when your head is stuck up your ass and can't see anything but Umirica... go fast food, go 4x4 gas guzzler, go mini-mall and zero culture... go man go...

America are the most hated country precisely for this sort of arrogance. It's a shame he is reinforcing the stereotype.

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It's rubbish, almost every single house I know of in the UK has a thermostat. We don't turn the heating on and off from the controller.

This. I've *never* seen a house in the UK without a thermostat - except those with no central heating at all.

Most of the time we have them on radiators too, to control per-room.

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Funny as I set a temperature and it stays to that...oh wait, what is that called? :) Not being funny either but half the US looks as backwards as anything...

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Europe is the most powerful economy superpower in the world. Why don't you move here?

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Lol...Can't cure American ignorance. I advice you to travel to England before you base your opinion on what CNN decides to feed you! ;)

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England is way way wealthier per capita that the USA will ever be. Oh that's right....we ruled you a while back and also the biggest empire the world has ever seen.

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umm... Remember when you got pwned? :D
You guys are taking this crap so personally, everyone needs to get on their horses, put on their armor, and go fight for a princess in one of your castles where vampires might live... right?

Yes, we all have thermostats. Every house I've lived in and every house I've ever been in has one. Every radiator in my house has a separate thermostat.

Btw, yes we have small houses but they cost far more than yours. My 3 bed house semi detached cost £250k. My American cousin paid the same for a 5 bed detached with a lot more land. It doesn't make us poor, it makes it an expensive place to live with limited space.

As for the cars, yes EUROPEAN cars are smaller than yank motors, but they are better built, faster, more efficient and not built our of crap cheap material that feels so cheap no one in the rest of the world would drive them.

Sorry to all the sensible Americans, but this attitude is why the whole word hates you.

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Yes. Total bollocks. Its so bad here in the UK that current building regs demand a separate thermostat on EVERY radiator! Our current regulations on insulation are also very stringent.

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Seriously? Brits do not have thermostats? No we do, and as @valmorel says building regs are so stringent each radiator has to have a thermostatic valve. Admittedly said valves are scaled in frost protect (Turns on if temp drops below 5 deg C or approx 40 degrees F) through 5 or 6 rather than degrees C, but we have to have em. And building regs require you bring your home up to scratch with a modern boiler, and heating system/insulation for your whole house if you add certain sizes of extension!

Keeping this on topic though, I'll keep an eye out on Nest as we're hoping to build a disabled living annexe for me over the rest of the year. Be worth considering I reckon.

Before you buy Nest....take a look at ;) much better and lots for savings. They even offer a 27 savings or money back.

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That should be 'most old or Council accommodation' do not have thermostats; however even that is now changing as you can't be expected to update old housing stock over night.
I live in rented accommodation and have a water based central heating system that runs on a solar panel and heat pump. Yes each radiator has its own heat controller, apart from the main radiator in the living room; but also have a non sexy thermostat and a control unit where I can set the time for the hot water and heat to come on and off.
As for air conditioning, well historically the U.K. hasn't needed such a thing, however this too is changing and will continue to do so if we carry on the way we are.
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I think Nest may have overestimated the number of houses without a thermostat in the UK. I've never lived in a house without one! I'll admit their product does look a lot nicer than my current model but it does the job and does it well.

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A UK device would be in Celsius and not Fahrenheit. The author is from Britain and I have tweeted him to ask where he saw a heating system without a thermostat because the comment in here is daft. I've never seen a heating system without a thermostat and, as has already been said, most people now have thermostats in individual radiators. Unfortunately I didn't get a reply although Phil Nickinson did respond to me. Thanks Phil.

The comment about UK thermostats is from the nest website. It's on their blog discussing the UK launch.

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This is the exact model I need in Canada (for full voltage baseboard heaters), vs the US/Canada model that only supports low voltage systems...

I expect if they'll support 240v switching for old systems.. Still come across those occasionally. Also separate water/central heating control.

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I just came from Nest website and found this on their page, and I quote:

"Most UK heating systems don't even have thermostats. So the actual temperature or your comfort never enters into the equation. In order to warm up the house, you have to keep walking back and forth to the programmer, manually turning on the heat in quick bursts hoping you get it right. There’s also no way to track how much heat you're using, so balancing comfort and energy savings is guesswork."

I actually can't believe there is a consensus in America that England is somehow behind in every tech aspect. It just shows how ignorant they all are.

Obviously whoever wrote Nest's blog post is pretty clueless about the UK.

With my engineer's hat on I'm also slightly puzzled why someone would buy it. Nest's raison d'etre for this product seems to be that you joggle the required temperature around over time and it builds a pattern of temperatures to match the ambient temperature to. From a thermodynamic efficiency point of view you should set the thermostatic control to the coldest temperature you can be comfortable with (mine's at 16 deg. C) and then leave it alone. This uses the least amount of energy to keep you comfortable. It's high school physics really.

If you feel chilly put a jumper on.