Following the big hubbub about Nest connected thermostats potentially showing in-home ads after an SEC filing from Google, Nest CEO Tony Fadell has stepped forward to assuage any worries. Here's what he said in a recent chat with Re/code.

"Nest is being run independently from the rest of Google, with a separate management team, brand and culture. … For example, Nest has a paid-for business model, while Google has generally had an ads-supported business model. We have nothing against ads — after all Nest does lots of advertising. We just don't think ads are right for the Nest user experience."

This falls in line with Phil's follow-up on the issue. We may very well see ad-supported appliances in the future, but that's a broad and general assumption that can't readily be applied to the near future with Nest.

That said, down the line would you pick up a connected thermostat that was $50 cheaper than Nest but subsidized by ads? Is there any amount of savings that would make it worth having a blender suggest a nearby smoothie place to you?

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Nest CEO reassures us that their thermostats won't show ads


I'm sure I'm beating a dead horse here, but it really depends on the nature of the device. If the user is actively seeking content on the device (phones, tablets, computers, TV's and such) then advertising seems perfectly appropriate.

However, if the device, and its OS, are designed to perform niche tasks like controlling the temperature, then advertising becomes obtrusive.

Besides, if you have a connected device, how often will you walk up to it rather than using the app on your phone?

Thought it would project ads on the wall across from the unit every 30 seconds.

Besides the ads will be in the app that controls the thermostat

I don't think ads are appropriate on a thermostat or refrigerator screen and, since I've paid for the device, I'd prefer to go without them on the company-supplied app. On third-party apps, however, I like to have the choice to pay a little for the ad-free version or not and accept that I'll see unobtrusive ads at the bottom of the screen.

Technically people with nest now paid full price. Maybe in the future they'll offer 2 different ones. One with ads and one without. All I know is that since I've had it my nest has saved me money already on my electric bill.

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It doesn't even occur to me that I need an internet connected thermostat that run apps and ads.

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"Nest is being run independently from the rest of Google, with a separate management team, brand and culture..."

If he doesn't think this can change in an instant then he is naive. I'm not saying he's wrong, or that ads are going to show up on your Nest tomorrow, he should probably just check with his new bosses before he makes statements like that (and for all I know he did).

And if you think Google would put ads on a thermostat, you're dumber than a sack of hammers.
Thermostats are rarely looked at. Especially smart ones like Nest. You use the information from Nest to inform smarter ads in other places.
This whole idea of ads in thermostats is so freaking stupid it's just astonishing me how freaking dumb people can be.

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"Independently " hmm... wasn't Motorola saying the same thing? Things can and do change. Google must have a reason to partner with nest so I guess we'll have to walk and see what happens.

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I still don't understand what the big deal is, why wouldn't adds on your thermostat or fridge or whatever work the same way as they do on your phone or tablet now? So there are no ads when you turn the device on, or on the lock screen or on the home screen (unless you choose to install apps that put ads there). Why are people assuming ads on these devices would be any different?

If I have a toaster with access to the play store, of course there are gonna be ads in the free apps that I download, but that's exactly how it works now...

If it did have ads, it wouldn't bother me one bit. Its not like will set the stat and then stare at

What if it showed you an ad before you could set the temp? I would punch it on the hottest of days...