Speculation runs from a new set of customizations for the CM everyone knows and loves (possible), to AOSP for the iPhone (unlikely),  to a new custom ROM based on TouchWiz (wut?). The few people that know aren't saying.

We know it's something new, and it's coming. Good things often come to those who wait. 

Fill the comments with your guesses. 

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Nemesis: Something new is coming from CyanogenMod


My 2 cents worth.....

It's CMs answer to Whatsapp codenamed Nemesis and the FREE part means its FREE!

Sure there was a rumour about this before.....

People are also speculating that nemesis is a device with cm preloaded. Not so unlikely.

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CM is a huge challenger, It is possible that a company would tap into them, pay them to preload a phone an optimized OS

This looks like the frame and thickness of an iPhone 5. Could CM have unlocked the bootloader? Nemesis would be a good name for that project :).

Whatever it is, it doesn't look to me like it has the machining around the bezel to be an iPhone 5. I took a screenshot at 0:13 and I've been fast switching back and forth with a jpg of a black iPhone 5 at a similar angle and it just doesn't match up.

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Freeze the frame and you'll see it's an iPad mini on top of an iPhone 5. Wish I could somehow post a screenshot in here. But I froze the frame and took a screen cap. It's definitely an iPad mini on top on iPhone 5. No doubt about it.

I have an iPhone 5 and I would only rule this out because the device looks too wide in the photo. I won't rule is out entirely though.

I downloaded the mp4 from YouTube and stepped through, frame by frame, in Premiere. There is simply no way you can even remotely determine that it's an iPad Mini sitting ontop of an iPhone 5. No way.

Jerry don't do this on a Saturday night.... people will opt out of going to step club to research this now

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Did you mention beer? OK...I know beer isn't Android related, but is really enjoyable, even during podcasts & research. Bring it on! I'll have a Sam Adams Boston Lager in a 12oz can (really good, BTW!) or a pint of Guinness, please! Oh wait! It's Sunday morning, too early right now...

And, yes, I'm looking forward to seeing what CyanogenMod is producing!

(Sorry, I couldn't resist!) :-)

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Ok, this is a stretch... Nemisis is the daughter of Nyx in Greek mythology. This made me think of Linux.

New challenger made me think of CM running on a new hardware/platform.

The first thing that came to mind was iPhones, but that just didn't seem right.

However, CM running on Nokia hardware may be an interesting proposition. Still didn't feel right.

Then it hit me... CM running on a PC. There is my best guess. CM on a PC. Sorry, Nyx had nothing to do with the answer.


It's amazing how much effort they put into making CM great with all these extra features, but still can't fix the Bluetooth bug.

It works, but it's pretty crappy. Lots of problems with connection to already-paired devices, notably lower quality audio media streaming and call quality, etc. It's not a dealbreaker for most people, but it is a very long-standing issue.

Oh ok. Yeah, I did notice that, when my bluetooth is on, but not being used, the connection to the headset goes in and out. Not too much of an issue, though.

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I get this, too. But, the real pain is that sometimes it crashed and won't turn on without a reboot.

Yeah seriously. PA was the first to introduce HALO and PIE I think the CM team need something new.

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Everything PA makes are open sourced for use in other custom roms to use.

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HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!

THAT'S THE NEXUS 7!!!!!!!!!

Well.. even though I have an iPad Mini.. I gotta pickup one of these to play with.. if you freeze the frame and look at the device, it's the same shape as the leaked Next Nexus 7 pics that have been floating around.. I just commented in that thread about how it's looks like it double the size of the iPad Mini.. and this looks just like that device.

If you freeze the frame in the video it's an iPad mini sitting on top an iPhone 5. That's why the shot is at the angle it is; because the the two devices are different sizes length wise. That's why you don't see the top or fully see the bottom of the mini. They are just showing you the length that can be shown with the iPhone 5 under it.

Personally, I would LOVE a CM WITH Samsung apps. The calendar, camera, WatchOn as well as smart stay on are things I love to use and keep me from using Cyanogenmod rom for my SGS4... so yeah, a samsung hybrid with CM interface & smoothness would be what I'd like most.

Most of you guys are looking at this wrong. It is INDEED an iPhone 5, however what is throwing you off in the picture is that an iPad mini is sitting on top of it. I did a freeze frame on the image and it's clearly an iPad mini and an iPhone 5 sitting under it. Look closely, it's clearly two devices in the frame, one sitting on another.

To say it's "CLEARLY" anything is a bit of a stretch. With so many devices looking alike these days it could be almost anything in that video.

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I'm sorry, but, the rest of us must, CLEARLY, be blind, then. We're still failing to, blatantly, notice a device sitting atop another. Just sayin'.

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I have no idea what the hell you are talking about.
I rewatched the video the same number of times you commented and said it was a "Iphone 5 with an iPad Mini sitting on top of it. I freeze framed it like you said and the fact that you are seeing 2 devices in this image at all is mind boggling. For 1 the image is mostly photographed from the top, so if an iPad Mini was sitting on top of an iPhone 5, and the photo was mostly taken from the top... wouldn't you not be able to see the iphone 5 at all???? It would be covered up.

Are we even watching the same video?

let me guess: You're one of those 12 year olds who buys into the bill sh** other kids shovel around that these custom ROMs are as stable as official. I'm not nuts, you're just dimwitted.

Cyanogenmod on chromebooks? Or exynos s4? Either way im getting something good:)

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Sorry to crush your hopes of CM for iPhone but I'm pretty sure that's a Nexus 4. You can see the curve of the glass on the left side where the light reflects off as well as the nexus 4's silver bezel and dark gray sides.

I see a Nexus 4 as well. I'm posting this from a Nexus 4 as well, so I know what a Nexus 4 looks like. If you need me to post a picture, I can. I took a screenshot of the device.

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Like many of you, I too froze the frame with the image of the phone - what no one else mentioned was the word "FREE" on the bottom of the screen under the lock slider. If I had to guess, I'd say that indicates a new software feature, at least. I think it's a bit of a stretch for anyone to assume its CM on an iPhone 5. However, one could make an argument that "FREE" means the iPhone finally has an unlocked bootloader and has finally been freed. Interesting, no doubt. Hopefully the CM team makes an announcement soon.

I think that CM is going to take on Samsung directly by partnering with Freeway (FREE-way). The first 100,000 people to flash CM on the new Nexus 7 will get Freeway's new album. It will be the most albums that Freeway has sold in his career, but the RIAA still won't count them. #sarcasm

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For those that believe this is 2 devices stacked on top of each other, I tend to disagree. My best guess at the moment is that it appears this way because the device has beveled glass at the edge (like the Nexus 4). So you have the true side of the device on the bottom, then the beveled edge, then the top is the black border around the screen. When I pause the video at 0:13 when the device is clearest, I do not see anything that appears to be an iphone or a second device.

This, the side bezel is way too big for an iPhone 5, and the curved glass on the screen looks exactly like a Nexus 4. I don't see any stacked devices.

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Lol you guys are ridiculous. The device in the video is undoubtedly a Nexus 4. And 'Free' is just the name of the carrier the device is connected to in France.

Way to over-analyze!!

CM on an iPhone or iPad would be great for iDevice users and CM, but I think that is unlikely. Based on the very little info we have my best guess is that CM is going to start offering OTA's of there stable builds so users no longer have to reflash there devices to update to the latest version of CM Android.I think that would be a great feature and would lead to more people using CM Android ROM's. It also allows them to compete directly with Nexus and Google experience devices, who's main attraction is timely updates to the latest version of Android and Google apps

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They been offering automatic updates since CM10. It still flashes the update but it's all automatic. You go to settings and hit update and it reboots in to recovery, flashes the update, and then reboots back into Android.

If you freeze it at 13 sec. You can see Bin Laden making out with GW Bush, his "nemisis" just saying this is clearly a NSA P.S.A

Cyanogenmod = Android... Usually
What if Cyanogenmod made their own Ubuntu Touch version?

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Since no one has mentioned it I noticed in the video it completes the sentence "The right memories at the right time". Who knows what that could mean.

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Hard to think of what can be new on top of the customizations AOKP, PA, and Carbon already offer. Maybe dual boot or adding features baked into TW or Sense (Smart Stay, camera app, Zoes, etc)?

Argh!!! I can't tell you how many times that I've played this over & over again just to freeze this at the right moment, in sheer excitement that turns into frustration & disappointment! Please, come on CM, can you give us a hint more?!? Or when (Oh, I should not ask "when".)

I know it's a teaser, but I'm hooked!

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Lastest toro nightly locked me into Google screen. 1st time its even done that. Seems all 7/21/13 builds are having major problems. Had to boot into recovery and restore. Think I just found out what NEMESIS is!!!!!!!

I wish it was something like the android emulator like on the Samsung Ativ Q. However, it might be more like what the MoDaCo Switcher is for the HTC One.

I think that this has to do with the privacy settings that Steve posted a few months back. I am also hoping for a slimmed down version of CM.

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My guess is another version of CM, like a skinned very different, type of CM. The nemesis part of the teaser could be another mascot, or at least another version of the mascot; the anti-Cid. Two entirely different versions of CM, two entirely different mascots, "competing" against each other. Could be an awesome marketing campaign with people choosing which side they prefer, but in the end everyone will still be on cyanogenmod and still receive the great services that cyanogenmod has to offer. It could draw a lot of people in and get people interested in something new.