HTC Incredible on Verizon

Look, we're just gonna come out and say it: It hasn't been announced yet, but the HTC Incredible is coming to Verizon. This should not be news to anybody. We've already seen it on video with a Verizon-branded ROM. We've seen it in Verizon's system not once, but twice. It's in the CelleBrite system. It's basically the worst-kept secret Verizon has these days. And above, we see activation instructions that are floating around the Web in various places (including our inbox) today.

So, yeah, it's coming to Verizon. Maybe this week. Maybe it's the Big Red version of the Nexus One. Maybe it's the U.S. version of the Desire. There's a lot we still don't know. But it's coming. Get ready. Thanks to everyone who sent this in


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Need more proof that Verizon's getting the HTC Incredible?


Hmmm... more "proof" that it's coming, but still not even a hint of a date. There's "proof" that the sun will eventually burn out, too, so I wonder which will happen first: Incredible release, or armageddon?

Think happy thoughts, think happy thoughts...

Great news! it's funny how information has come out for this phone, yet Verizon has not made any announcement. Come on Verizon, it's time already. This should be a very popular phone. I know I for one will be getting one!

I wonder if the long wait has anything to do with the litigation that is pending. I doubt it. This seems like evidence that they are marching ahead and why not try to make as much money as possible now and if they receive an injunction later, so be it.

I was hoping for an April 1st announcement / release or something tomorrow (are phone announcements made on Tuesdays like movie releases?). But on the way to work this morning, I heard a Verizon add for smartphones running through the 17th. So I am giving them until the 20th (a Tuesday) to do something, then I am going with either AT&T's crappy 3G in my area or risking a contract with T-Mobile. Tired of waiting for a phone.

Ok is would like specs is this a clone of the evo or nexus? Will it be classified Droid Incredible or just incredible?

The Verizon employees were willing to openly talk about it with me, they were pretty sure it's going to be here really soon

I'm not going to believe release date rumors until Android Central moves the Incredible from the "Android News and Rumors" category to the "HTC Android Devices" category in the forums!!! ;-)

News of the iPhone OS 4 event on April 8th likely explains long over-due announcements for the Verizon Nexus One and Incredible.

Most people expect the new iPhone will arrive sometime this summer, with a Verizon/CDMA version arriving several months later. Now that Android devices compare favorably with Apple's product, I suspect Google/HTC/Verizon are anxious to pair their announcements (just before? just after?) with Apple's own event. Considering the Apple event is likely just going to introduce incremental, rather than revolutionary, improvements to the iPhone line, it would be a perfect opportunity to present consumers with some really stunning alternative options in the form of Google's and HTC's latest generation devices on the country's largest carrier.

"The Verizon employees were willing to openly talk about it with me, they were pretty sure it's going to be here really soon"

They were "pretty sure" it'll be released "really soon"? That's helpful. As a wise man once said: I'm not honest, but you're interesting.

I doubt seriously that this will be the Verizon version of the N1. The fact that they are similar in specs only indicates to me that they were being designed at roughly the same time. The N1 is the "Google experience" device while the Incredible will be the sole representative of the new Sense UI on Verizon. Then can coexist in my opinion.

I dont understand why htc makes a bunch of android phones that are almost identical and only nerds like us that come onto sites like this will notice a difference. nexus one, htc desire, htc incredible, droid eris. i dont get it...

Freedom of choice seems like a good thing. Trackball vs. trackpad. 320x480 or 800x480. 500MHz CPU or 1000MHz. Maybe they should just release one model and offer all sorts of options packages.

Does anyone know if it's coming out with the same google maps program that the droid has ? Or is that a feature that only works on motorola phones ?

these Incredible rumors are getting stupid. its like a game of mad-libs.

(name of nerd) saw the HTC incredible mentioned on the (technical word) section of Verizon's website on (yesterday's date). (name of nerd) reported on his blog (a shitty pun related to android devices) that verizon has not confirmed the rumor but it is believed that the (lustful adjective) Incredible should be in stores (two weeks from today's date). "

Somebody wake me when its available.