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The aptly-named MyVerizon application for Android always has been a pretty helpful way to keep an eye on your Verizion account. Whether checking data usage, monitoring text messages or keeping track of how many minutes had been used this billing cycle, the information has always been presented very easily. The application has been updated, giving it a UI overhaul along with bringing a data counter widget. Sure, we may have unlimited data for now, but who knows when they may follow suit of AT&T and roll out some new data options. Thanks 0mie.


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MyVerizon app receives an update, brings data counter widget with it


Not sure why, but mine seems to not be optimized to the screen of my Droid. For example The square buttons in the middle (Plan, My Bill, Payments, etc), are much smaller. They run 6 across in 1 row and "Support" is on the next row down by itself. Also, there is a good 3rd of the screen below the "Upgrade Eligiblity" item. Way to go, Verizon!

That "Data Use" widget isn't just a fun tool.. You bet your bottom dollar they will follow suit with AT&T...

Wow, I may actually use this app now with that widget. I'm definitely looking to switch to a cheaper plan if they ever follow in AT&T's footsteps so this would be pretty helpful.

It would be more useful to show how simple you are and can't figure out conversion rates...DUDE there's probably an APP for that, GOOGLE IT, Phone-A-Friend, Move the decimal a few places...something!! stop being a picky prick!

I agree, its annoying to have to look at a number like 3714628 on a small screen and count out six decimal places, especially since they don't put commas in it. More than once I've looked at it and miscounted by one place. I'd much prefer to see it show megs if you've used under a gig, and then gigs after that.

Damn...Took them long enough. This app UI is pretty nice and well structured. Jump quickly from link to link. Good job Verizon!! now all you have to do now is Burn that tiered data plan you are thinking about from your memory banks!! For the last 2 months I've cracked 2 gigs of data on my unlimited plan. Under that tiered shyte..I'd be screwed. C'mon SON!!! Don't revert to raping your customers pockets again!!

Great new app...just discovered it yesterday in the market. I hate to think that the widget means anything more than a useful way for those 3G Hotspot users to keep track of data usage considering their 2gb of data usage included. Seems pretty coincidental considering the latest phones with this feature rolling out.

Kind of sounds like they know that they will go to tiered data and they are putting this out in advance of that. Sucks for verizon customers. Probably going to roll out tiered for the LTE release. That would be my guess.

I spoke with an agent yesterday at Verizon and he stated that they will not be following ATT tiered data plans, especially since they are getting ready to roll out LTE 4G network.

Yeah I have to agree with this guy. I clicked on this link because I want to know what clock and weather widget that is lol

I'm guessing it's Beautiful Smaller Home (part of Beautiful Widgets) with the tf2Transparent skin and DirtyPaper icon pack.

I urge all who oppose the idea of tiered plans flood Verizon with emails and phone calls voicing your displeasure over this rotten idea. If they are so better than AT&T then why would they follow their lead?

i would of preferred a minute/ usage widget that is displayed from the homescreen, since most of us have unlimited data, more concerned about minutes. IMO!

You bet the end is near. People who know Verizon can see the handwriting on the wall. First VZW "generously allows" it's smartphones to have WiFi and now a Data Tracker app.They didn't see a drop off of smartphone data users(especially for the iPhone4G) when AT&T unleashed this on their customers so they'll take that as a "Green Light".Verizon might tweak their data plans to be a bit more generous than AT&T but not by much.Oh,and T-Mobile users,your day is coming too.............

I installed this yesterday and everything seems to work well. It's become an excellent mobile version of the My Verizon web page. I was expecting a mobile version of the website, but this is much better. IMO its the best app VZW has put out to date.

I like the app, but have no use for the data usage widget. It's unlimited (for now, anyway), so who cares? I'd rather see an option to view data usage, minutes, or messages on the widget. A little flexibility. So, not so big on the widget, but the app is pretty nice now.