Need more proof that the long-rumored HTC myTouch Slide (aka the myTouch 2 and Espresso) is on the way? This may be it. The user-agent string (which is what identifies browsers to the Web sites on which they're calling) is live at HTC. It clearly shows a 320x480 screen (same size as the myTouch 3G) along with a QWERTY keyboard. Still looking at a possible launch in May. It's also being called a possible follow to the HTC Magic, which is still in the same ballpark. We'll have to see, of course, as nothing's been announced.

HTC via Unwired View


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Possible Magic follow-up user agent pops up

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That's not a user-agent string ( but a user-agent profile (, two different things.

You can find the whole profile at

What I don't understand, the profile says it's for model "Magic" (and seems to be identical to, but the Magic doesn't have a querty keyboard? Could it just be sloppy programming?