T-Mobile myTouch slide

Some more pictures of the T-Mobile myTouch Slide have emerged, showing the horizontal slider running Android 2.1 and the some hybrid form of the new Sense UI. (You can see the "Leap" feature above, which also shows that there will be five home screens.) It actually looks like the earlier version of Sense, combined with some of the newer elements like Friendstream. As to when we'll see the myTouch Slide, well, stay tuned. [TMoNews]


Reader comments

myTouch Slide seen with Android 2.1, Sense


That actually looks great. It's like they merged G1 and MyTouch together to make a brand new superphone. Sense UI is always nice AND it has Android 2.1. If I were a few years younger and still on T-Mobile, I would definitely want that phone. Keyboard is MUCH better than Droid's, and the directional pad is moved to a much better spot. Only thing I don't like is the screen; it's not HD and it definitely doesn't look AMOLED. This seems more like a continuation of the Sidekick than anything else; same with the Cliq and Cliq XT - mainly for the under-21 crowd. Overall, I'd give this an 8. It'll definitely be a high-selling phone, especially with T-Mo's current marketing machine. But as far as having a high-end Android superphone like Droid, Nexus One (which they carry), Evo, and Incredible, T-Mo's still got a long way to go.


My contract expired in March, wanted to wait for the Evo to come out but I simply couldn't wait for another phone and wouldn't have been able to afford a non-subsidized one. I decided some Android device was better than none, so I chose the Sprint HTC Hero (it's kind of sad how underpowered and problematic it is). And now they come up with my dream phone, because I honestly don't prefer the touchscreen over the real keyboard in terms of typing methods. I should have waited longer... Dammit.


Why didn't you get the Samsung Moment? It is offered on Sprint as well and has a great physical keyboard... Is it because you had to have a phone with Sense?