myTouch 3G OTA updatemyTouch 3G OTA update

We're getting word that T-Mobile myTouch 3G users are seeing an over-the-air (OTA) update roll in, but unfortunately it's not an update to Android 2.0/2.1 or anything. It's looking like it's not much more than a radio fix (better 3G, anyone?), but that's nothing to scoff at, either. Sing out if you're seeing anything different. [T-Mobile forums via @tsuranoth]


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myTouch 3Gs seeing OTA update, but it's not a newer Android version


My Motorola Cliq had an OTA Update this morning, still running 1.5 Firmware, a few minor changes. Still no signs of 2.1 is reporting that it is a fix for missed calls not being reported. But not one is completely sure.

my cliq was updated too. saw something about battery life and touch screen improvements but it's too soon to tell if there's any real change.

I do notice that the "p" on the onscreen keyboard is working better always seems to miss that one.....but that might just be my imagination.

I got an update today on my G1. I was expecting 2.0! Not a chance! I'm not even sure it updated. I called t-mobile and they didn't know what it was "something about voice, or voice search, but i could have that wrong".

I noticed the update brought a new app to my Cliq, it's called Manage Sim Card. It's a good app.. but it's not 2.1!!!

i got the update this morning on my g1 thinking it was the 2.0 but it wasn't i got all excited for nothing!! i haven't noticed anything different yet.

I notice an update this morning, seems battery life is a little better and i notice a more responsive desktop and app drawer

i have my moto cliq with t-mobile and i haven't gotten my OTA update yet, this happen to anyone esle?

oh and also i just checked my system version and i am on:


is this the new OTA update for cliq?

i have a bit o' confusion...

man......I MISSED IT!!!

i got the update but it said it was recall....did any1 that got the update see major difference or it was just some fixes here and there.

Hey I was reading on android's official blog site and they said that android 2.0 is really only happening to the nexus and the mytouch. you should be getting ota updates for 2.0/2.1 starting in mid april. The reason they aren't going to ota updates for the others is b/c all of androids BRAND new phones already have it installed and they want you to buy new phones. Just thought I would put it out there!

Where is the blog at?

I have a mytouch and haven't gotten anything. Any ideas on where I can manually get it?


Got it on mytouch. Haven't really explored it. I do know the browser looks different when I search on Google

I just got the ota update and have notice a dramatic improvement on the touchscreen sensitivity. No new apps or anything that I have found and haven't received a call but Data service seems to work a little smoother (I'm in EDGE not 3G).

I just got my update this morning for the MyTouch. I'm lookin through it right now. It does have WAY better 3G coverage. At my desk in the office I am now getting 3 and 4 bars of 3G... where I used to only get 1-2 bars all day long. I am not sure that this is the update but that is the only thing substantial I have found and I'll take it!

I have a myTouch and was disappointed it wasn't 2.0. I'm pretty frustrated w/ the lack of loyalty concerning t-mobile users...but..i did notice this update to 1.6 is making my phone run about 25% faster than usual. Opening apps and closing apps and returning to home screen is happening A LOT faster now. I'll take what I can get.

T-Mobile Posted an announcement about the update. Here is an overview:

* myTouch user's without the required myTouch data plan will not receive the OTA and must add the data plan in order to receive the update.
* This update is not Eclair.
* This OTA will be seamless and you will not lose any of your personal information or downloads.
* Once again, this update is to improve call performance only and does not include other feature enhancements.

This is so frustrating. I have a T-Mobile MyTouch 3G and haven't gotten the 2.0 update. From reading the posts above it sounds like I'm one of the only ones. Two questions; 1)Is there somewhere I can go to download it manually? 2)Does 2.0 add any additional homescreens? I hate just having 3!

Any response would be much appreciated.

Oh and a 3rd question...I'm looking for a widget that will be similiar to my blackberry homescreen. (Summarizes calls, texts, email and calendar.) Anyone have any ideas. I like the SlideScreen format, but that replaces all three homescreens.

Thanks. N