myTouch 3G

The latest version of the myTouch 3G is now on T-Mobile's Web site, though it's listed as "coming soon" and isn't actually available yet. The big difference is the addition of a 3.5mm audio jack. To some this may mean nothing, but for those that know about the 2.5mm audio jack this means you can use pretty much any headphones to listen to as much music as the battery can handle. 

The phone is also comes with an 8GB memory card, as well as a pre-loaded Swype keyboard. There has not been a release date yet announced, so we'll keep our eyes peeled. [T-Mobile]


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New version of the myTouch 3G now listed on T-Mobile's Web site


You should be able to, but prepare to cough up the "buyer's remorse" fee of $10 (which is chump change compared to the upgrade). I picked up a new 1.2 in black yesterday. Has all the internal features that my Fender does but the back instead of being slick fingerprint attracting plastic, has changed to a rubberized style that really does feel great in the hand.

The new keyboard is surprisingly accurate as well. Grab one if you can.

Awch, hopefully you can do that.

as for the post, It hasn’t been confirmed whether the device will be called the myTouch2, or myTouch Slide, but in the end, it’s really a HTC Espresso. While pricing information isn’t released yet, More features are being released. More details:

Nice phone. While the improvements T-Mobile implemented are incremental, (increased RAM, and headphone jack), they do go a long way to improve the usability of an already nice phone.

Perfect phone for my girlfriend. While I live on the bleeding edge (got a Nexus One), my girlfriend and my parents don't care to have the latest 1Ghz processor. This phone is perfect for them!!