MyTouch Fender LE

T-Mobile has sent word that  users of both the MyTouch 3G 3.5 Jack and the MyTouch Fender LE will see Froyo start hitting their devices starting Jan. 12. The update is OTA (over-the-air) and will be pushed in waves. T-Mobile is aiming to get everyone updated by Feb. 1 so users won't have to wait too long. Both phones are slightly tweaked versions of the ole' MyTouch 3G, which got its Froyo update a couple months back. [T-Mobile] Thanks to everyone who sent this in!


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MyTouch 3G 3.5 Jack and MyTouch Fender LE Froyo rollout to start Jan. 12


Is there any way to manually do the update? I gave my old mt3g to my uncle who's on att and I want to update the phone but obviously can't. If anyone has any info let me know. Thanks.