MyCaseBuilder can help keep your stuff safe from life's bumps and bruises

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Phil and Cali talk with Steve Holland from MyCaseBuilder about how they are conquering the issue of everyone carrying different gear with them. Whether you have a video camera, a DSLR and multiple lenses, or some audio gear with you on the go, MyCaseBuilder helps you create a fully custom case. Utilizing their software you can create a layout on their website using the shape library that they are constantly adding to, and preview what it will look like in 3D form.

Using a water jet they are able to precision cut the foam to the exact specifications that you desire, and the customization is endless. If you are in the market for a custom case to haul your gear, head over to MyCaseBuilder and check out the full interview above for some additional information.


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MyCaseBuilder talks creating the perfect custom case #CESlive


Look at the size of that watch.

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Can we just stop this. It is just getting sad. I watched the whole video and didn't think that once. Clearly they are at a desk that is lifted up and there are people below. Phil occasionally glances at the people down below. You guys seriously need to grow up.


So it you or Butthead this time? That was guys really need to actually date someone of the opposite sex if you wish to further yourself from your bedroom at mom's. Or get an iphone. BOOM!

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In other news.....hydro forming a custom case is sweet ass sweet for those that travel with gear. I'm down to a phone, tab, and laptop. Timbuk2 fits the bill for me.

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