My Mobile Watchdog

For those parents unsure about buying their children an Android phone because there hasn't been a reliable monitoring app; well they can rest easy as My Mobile Watchdog was released for Android. 

The app allows parents to monitor call logs, texting, pictures and email. The app allows the parents to have a web dashboard that syncs with the activity from their child's cell phone. There is also a way to block certain applications and web browsing. 

For those who are interested, find links to the app after the break. Thanks Bruh-Man!


Reader comments

My Mobile Watchdog now available on Android, protective parents rejoice


This is a awesome idea if you monitor ur kids and wanna know what they are getting into, but what happens if they try to delete the app off of their phone ? LOL

I created an account just so i could comment on this one.... If you were to install this application. Why wouldn't you go in and redo the application as a -ro- application where the kids couldn't delete the application. Even a factory/master reset will keep the application locked into the device.

OK, I am not quite a newb, but am learning. How do you set those permissions? And do you need to root? A link to instructions is cool too. Just didn't know you could do that. I have a 13 year old that needs his Droid monitored. That said, he runs rings around me in what he knows about Android. Luckily he isn't adept at hacking, just the normal usage stuff.

you do need Root access. Basically you open the /system file of the /root folder via adb and make it a -rw- folder, then add the .apk to that folder and then make it -ro- only. It's fairly simple to do but it does bring a risk of bricking the phone. I added Lookout as -ro- system file so regardless of how many times i have to wipe my phone i'll always have that app to keep my phone in sight....

If you can't trust your kids with a cellphone, maybe they don't need one to begin with. There are plenty of entry level call and text only phones on the market, parents shouldn't be buying their 10 y/o's the latest Droid or Iphone anyways.