My Little Pony

I'm the only one here at Android Central who has young daughters, so it came as a bit of a shock that I had to fight off the other guys for first dibs at the My Little Pony game for Android. (Take that, Hildenbrand!)

It also was a bit of an unwelcome surprise that for a kids game, you have an extra 87 megabytes of data to download. And don't hand your phone or tablet over to your kid just yet -- there's a scrolling scroll of scrollable legalese to acknowledge before you get anywhere near those beloved ponies.

And once you get through all that (OK, it's not all that difficult, but c'mon, this is a kid's game!), finally you're in Ponyville, where apparently Nightmare Moon (whom I believe was one of Frank Zappa's prized mares) has cast the entire town into darkness. A little confusing because the sun's up and birds are singing, but whatever. Just tell your kids it has to do with last weekend's time change, and they'll be none the wiser.

From there, the game blissfully walks you through the ins and outs of whatever it is you're supposed to be doing with a few helpful arrows. I'm still not quite sure what it was I was doing, or which character was doing it, or why that blasted hot-air balloon kept flying by and distracting me. But I'm also pretty sure the little girls who just stole my Nexus 7 do, and that's all that matters. They also don't seem to mind the in-game advertising, which is good, since the game was free in the first place. 

So if you wanna be the best parent ever this weekend, hit the link above and kiss your Android phone or tablet goodbye for a few days. Because it's Pony Time.


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My Little Pony for Android: Basically 'My First RPG'


Not just for parents of course. Some bronies will probably find the game worth playing, at least for a little while. Not huge on this sort of F2P game, but seems better than most I've tried, so probably going to play it over the weekend.

My soon-to-be five-year-old daughter is addicted to this show. Probably too young to really play the game, but downloading any way.

Not compatible with the kids Iconica Tab running ICS, yet will run on their Inspire (game phone) running Gingerbread..

Totally do not recommend this. I installed it and was playing with my daughter. Then an in app purchase option popped up. You could click on different purchase amounts up to $100. Yikes!!!! This is ridiculous and unacceptable for an in app purchase on a little kids game. .....Uninstalled. Had to break my daughters heart. I suppose I could have played it more but I was hopping to show her so that she could play unsupervised, and that will not happen with this game so easily robbing my credit card at the hands of a child.

And the notifications after you stop and exit the game are totally unacceptable....even if you disable them.

Thanks very much on that little tid bit. Not sure why I never thought about or came across that idea before! :-)

....I know I can set a Play Store PIN but that is just annoying for my every day use. Maybe if I had a dedicated tablet for my kid I wouldn't mind it.

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