Muzei Live Wallpaper

Two crashes related to buttons and permissions fixed as well

Muzei Live Wallpaper, the great new app from Roman Nurik (of DashClock and Google), has received its first important update to fix a few bugs with the initial release. Folks who installed Muzei to have their wallpaper refresh daily with a selection of fine art may have noticed that the image, well, didn't refresh — that's fixed now through a combination of the new app and a change to Google Cloud Storage for image hosting.

Further, the new update fixes a couple crashes related to using the "Activate" button and a permissions-related crash. If you haven't given Muzei a look, it's worth your time to do so — you can grab a download from the Play Store link above.

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Muzei Live Wallpaper updated to fix daily art refresh issues


Loving this live wallpaper as well. It would be great if it had an option to browse other extensions that are available. Like an all in one hub for extensions.

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I like this app, however, is there a way to select the part of the picture you want to see? I just downloaded the National Geographic add-on. There is a picture of a Komodo dragon, however, it chops the head off and I can't figure out to center the dragon on my screen.

Really nice piece of programming. Thanks to Roman, and especially to make it extensible. The 500PX extension is great, if you haven't tried it.

Interesting... I've installed the update and the thing still hasn't updated the art from the day I downloaded it.