Curated classics or your own pictures make for an excellent wallpaper when treated through Muzei

Roman Nurik, Android Developer Advocate at Google — and developer of Dashclock, the widget everyone loves — has just released one of the snazziest live wallpaper apps we've ever seen.

Muzei (from the Russian for "museum") grabs a new piece of artwork daily, curated by Nurik and his art teacher fiancée +Liza Gordon and gently blurs the piece to display on your home screen. A quick double tap deblurs the art for a few moments so you can appreciate it. The transition is really slick, and some of the best app animation in Android we've ever seen. If you prefer, you can use your own local photos in lieu of the curated collection. Because it uses the standard file chooser, you can also set up a Dropbox folder or use Google Drive.

Just like Dashclock, Muzei is completely open source and extensible via an open set of APIs. For more information about the API, click here, and for the source click here.

Grab Muzei Live Wallpaper from the Google Play link above and give it a spin.

Source: +Roman Nurik


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Muzei Live Wallpaper brings classic art to your homescreen


It works fine for me now too. Looks like I wasn't the only one who had the issue last night. Installing now!

Yep broken link on the article, but brilliant recommendation. I love the dim+blur, and look forward to seeing some extensions.

Phenomenal! Very nice effect. Will be looking forward each day to a new work of art!

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Downloaded now. Love the idea and so far so good! Looks great with all the icon packs that are out there!

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This is probably the best live wallpaper I have ever used. Thanks for the link.

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The double taps not so good for G2 users as the knock on/off feature locks the phone haha! And why do I want blurred artwork?

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Go setting, choose advanced and change the blurred by sliding blurry to the end. It will become solid instead of blurry

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Why blur? So your foreground icons stand out without any fancy pants parallax effects. Some people may not agree, so it's clever to make it an option.....

Splattered for your amusement... via the AC App

Why don't all live wallpapers include the option to center the picture and disable wallpaper scrolling? I like the Google Now Launcher for it's simplicity, but the number of live wallpapers that look good with it are quite limited because it starts on the left, while most launchers start at the middle. I can't wait for Google to release the Google Now Launcher so live wallpaper developers will be forced to adjust their apps to handle both formats.

SO MUCH THIS COMMENT. The new launcher doesn't center like the old ones did. Drives me CRAZY. Google should account for this.

A good live wallpaper really doesn't. I've used them and not used them and you probably get about 5 minutes more battery life to be honest. Negligible.

Thinking it doesn't play well with ART runtime? I can get it to install, and that's it.

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Can't help but notice that, on a traditional 3, 5, or 7 screen launcher (before Kit Kat's GE Launcher), the painting would be centered more to the right of where it is on the Nexus 5's stock launcher.

I've noticed this with other live wallpapers and regular ones too. If you don't use the Photos app to crop, it makes the center you thought you were aligning to off a bit.

I installed it. Started to use it. It crashed on me about 3 times. I Uninstalled it. I'm done.

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