Motorola Droid CommandOne Bluetooth Headset

In keeping up with all their previous Droid branding we're now seeing more Droid branded items come to market -- although, this time it's not a handset. It's actually a Bluetooth headset dubbed the Droid CommandOne. OK, so it's a Droid-branded Motorola Command One, which, is an awesome headet but that also raises the question of how many other accessories is Verizon planning on pushing out carrying the Droid branding. No pricing or launch date details are to be had here but we're thinking the standard "coming soon" should cover it. [Engadget]


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Droid Incredible 2 accessory leak: CommandOne Bluetooth headset


Did I miss something? Wouldn't this device be compatible with all (or at least most) of the Droids? I'm not sure what the specific connection with the DInc 2 is.

a co-worker of mine seems to think HTC uses a different bluetooth kernel than the other manufacturers...any idea if this is true? we were talking about the wii-mote app for android phones and he said it works for every phone but HTC, because of the difference in would also seem kinda weird that Motorola would make an accessory for HTC(notice the motorola name on the packaging?)

You can text "hands free" with pretty much every bluetooth headset using Vlingo Voice app (free on the Market).
just sayin... :)

This bluetooth headset should work with any bluetooth phone, it's just a name chosen for marketing.

Yeah its out already. I saw it at a Verizon store on Saturday for $129.99. It's nice. I think it may be my next Bluetooth headset.

You're paying for the "droid" name. At 130 bucks you can get a much nice BT device. BlueAnt for 1 makes a killer headset for the same cost if not less.

No, the $130 price is the same price Motorola themselves charges for the (non-Droid) CommandOne in their own store. Sure, you can get it - and many other, possibly better, BT headsets - cheaper elsewhere, but it's not because VZW is selling it as a "Droid" accessory.

I got mine today for 129 but I also got a 25 percent discount, so around 107. So far so good seems to work just fine. I like the case it comes with, was thinking about the Jawbone Era but the case is kinda cheesy. Gonna test this thing out for a week and see how it sounds in the truck I drive, otherwise gettin the Jawbone Era!