Motorola Active Display

Motorola's updates continue today, and next on the list is Active Display. One of our favorite features from the Moto X (and new Droid phones) will now honor the vibration settings. You can toggle them on and off in sound section of the settings menu.

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Motorola's Active Display updated to obey vibration settings


I don't know why, but everytime I see this phone I want it... Had Note 2, Note 3 but this is so muche better for me.. Right size and always listening - Perfect.. So sad here in Bulgaria it will probably never come.. Or it will after one or two years but I am pretty sure it will be without Moto maker.. So jealous sometimes to people from USA.. But there is still hope.. When they come to Germany or UK I will buy it from Ebay, or will ask some of my friends abroad to make me custom X :-))

Finally. Something that should have been an option from the get go. Glad it finally showed up! Good deal Moto

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If you go to Settings - Sound then toggle Vibrate on Touch on and off. Basically the active display will now obey the system settings for vibration.

i've updated and also followed your instructions. Previously I had the "touch vibration" off.. Since then, I had turned it back up after the update. Dont notice anything different. Other than slight vibration when I toggle through different screens.

When i get an Active Display notification, is it suppose to "vibrate"? Like the Samsung S3? Where if you received a message, it'll vibrate once you pick up the phone? BC i am not noticing anything different. Other than all the vibrations on contact.

It just turns off the vibrate when you touch the active notification. It doesn't affect vibration upon receipt of a new notification. That is controlled by the notification settings for each individual app.

+1 yeah the lag being gone allowed me to use the swipe lock screen again. Shut it off prior due to the annoying lag. Between this and my recent update to 4.4.2 on vzw, this phone is even better than before. No desire to root this phone as it sits

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I'm not sure I understand what this does for me and my Maxx on Verizon.........if anything.

It fixed the native email bug (where swooping an active notification for an email failed to open the email app).

I don't get what this is and the og post doesn't explain.... Sorry Phil explain more for the slow I guess. Lol

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The phone won't vibrate when you unlock from the active notification screen. We never had a choice before. We were forced to vibrate.

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I actually like the haptic feedback, but I don't want it on everywhere just to have it on for Active Display.

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I am exactly the same way about it. I ended up turning off all vibrations. But I really liked it with only the active display vibrating. I can't stand my phone vibrating every time I use the nav buttons. Would be nice if they had two separate options for this. Kinda doubt that would happen though.

On a plus side, active display seems a bit quicker.

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Even with vibrate on touch disabled, my keyboard vibes me. What gives KitKat/always-on fakesetting!!?

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That's it. Can't bite my lip anymore. Bunch of friggin' whiners!

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