T-Mobile launch dates

Couple of nuggets of information regarding the fabled Motorola Zeppelin, if this slide, purportedly from an internal T-Mobile presentation, is to believed. 1.) It'll be called the Cliq XT. And 2.) It'll be available on March 10. Presumably we'll get an announcement before an actual launch, and we'll keep our eyes peeled at Mobile World Congress next week for just that. [PPCGeeks via TMoNews]


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Motorola Zeppelin may be the Cliq XT, may launch March 10 on T-Mobile


I'm actually more interested by the Nokia Nuron...Nokia's smartphones are finally trying to make a splash in America?

This handset won't blow your mind away with its design and the same can be said for its specifications, featuring a 3.2" display at 320 × 480 resolution, a 5-megapixel camera, HSPA and Wi-Fi connectivity as well as a trackpad

Not that great a phone, but worth buying if you're in BR. Details: http://bit.ly/motorola-zeppelin-details