Put the price speculation to rest; this is just about as official as official gets. Sanjay Jha, chief executive of Motorola Mobility confirmed to Reuters that the Motorola Xoom would be priced at $799 directly from Verizon, and that a WiFi only version would be priced "around $600". This is in line with other unconfirmed reports that Xoom will be available for that controversial $800 price tag. A $200 drop in price for a WiFi only model is not uncommon for tablets thus far, so we can't say $600 surprises us, either.

So, we will continue to ask, is $799 for WiFi + 3G and $600 for WiFi only asking too much? Sound off in the Motorola Xoom forums. [Reuters


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Motorola Xoom priced at $799; WiFi only version around $600


the wifi version will sell. I still think they should under cut apple.

the pricing on the xoom helped make a sale for B&N. Running Honeycomb on my nook already :)

The wifi pricing is much better. However, I would still buy the 3G version if there was no other option. I wonder when they will start selling the wifi only version...hopefully not long after they release the 3G version. Not sure I could wait....

Wifi pricing much better indeed.

200 bucks for a 3G chipset that they paid no more than $25 for (if even).

All the same engineering, and production costs. All the same components, other than that chip an maybe a sim socket. The difference in manufacturing cost is negligible. So why the $200 difference?

That says to me that the models tied to carriers are over priced in the hope that they can wring more from the carriers on contract.

It also explains why the WIFI only models are so slow in coming, because they have no hope of selling an 800 dollar tablet direct to customers, and are forced to price it more realistically.

Its still a bit high if you ask me.

3g Models have to pass additional FCC tests, internal tests to make sure they pass said tests (SAR rating comes to mind), they have to go through carrier testing and compatibility, etc. the additional chipset is just a small portion of the overall costs when you add a 3G radio.

I've contracted for FCC testing in the past for my employer.

Its like 1500 - 2500 bucks additional to add a radio band (they still have to do the Bluetooth and WIFI radios anyway).

So, you recoop that in the first hour of sales on the first day of availability.

Testing is done on the Cellular models first. (These are always released first).

Once done for the 3G/4G model, the WIFI would be guaranteed to pass, since it has less radios, and the wifi can be certified with just a letter of intent, since all the sar and emissions would be the same.

So, NO, FCC testing is not a significant cost item.

Carrier testing? Maybe. But that's DONE already.

Its probably simply Carrier Profit. They crank that into the announced prices so people don't feel so ripped opp when they show up at their carrier store and see higher prices.

I think the $200 difference is because of 4G. Even though it doesn't come with 4G right away, if they offer the 4G upgrade for free then they already have your money even if you don't want the 4G as long as you purchased the more expensive model.

Don't be sad you were an early adopter of decent hardware and putting up with the poor UI. XOOM ftw.

time to start weighing out the options.. none of which include the IPAD... Xoom, HTC, LG... now to wait on more pricing....

At least you can compare apples to apples now. IPAD and Wi-fi xoom have same price and way better specs. $799 is alot plus the mandatory one month data. Any idea when Wi-fi version is coming out?

True...but I think he was trying to say physical storage options built into the device. It's great that the extendible option is there for SD, but those aren't free and 'technically' have to be equated into the price if you want one...which can be a pretty penny depending on how fast and how large you want the card to be.

its still not a fair comparison, the iPad has been out for a year. the xoom isn't even out, and its running this year's specs. an accurate comparison would be xoom vs. the ipad 2 in which we all know is coming out within a few months. probably even before the wifi only xoom in america.

This thing: -Has a higher resolution than the ipad -has more (faster) ram than the ipad -offers a dual core processor with more impressive graphics processing I'm not trying to say it's better on specs alone, but saying it's running this years specs is a misnomer.

umm what? the xoom is running this years specs. (as in, this year so far. i'm obviously not talking about the end of the year as new high end specs will be available)

I understand what you're saying...however 'insiders' are not expecting a generational upgrade from iPad to iPad 2 this year...more like iPad to iPad 1.5. Who knows though what Apple will reveal. Either way, the Xoom is positioned to be a legit competitor.

ill just get another laptop that can do so much more for less.i wont buy anything in till xmas time when the price wars will start. Hp touch pad is a option

The 3G version of the iPad is 130 more. So tack on another 70 for the 3G/4G (upgradable) and there you go. Makes sense actually.

I'm not so sure it makes sense. Will a 4G smartphone cost us $70 more than a 3G smartphone? If not then it makes no sense at all. I don't know, to me the $130 charge that Apple places on 3G versions if the iPad seems way overpriced considering what they pay for the chips themselves.

No, a 4G LTE smartphone will cost you a few hundred more. Look at the HTC Thunderbolt. Wifi technology is cheaper than 3/4G.

I'd like to know how 200 dollars is justified as well. Market prices for 3g chipsets is about 25 to 35 bucks in the quantity they would be buying.

You're not taking into consideration the overhead costs. Devices (or any other product for that matter) are not simply priced on 'just the part'.

not including making a profit! People are dumb nowadays. They expect everything for the cost to manufacture the item. This is AMERICA. The point of business is to MAKE MONEY. Lay off the hate. jeez

"This is THE REAL WORLD. The point of business is to MAKE MONEY."

Fixed for accuracy. All businesses in the world have the same mentality and the same rules (overhead, etc), it's not an "American" thing. Now, what is more likely "American" is the mentality that everything should be free or next to free (food, healthcare, rent, cellphone, Internet, etc). So yeah...idiots. :)

verizon should learn already did they haven't made a huge number of sales for the ipad 3 g on verizon.this is an incredible product but it's not going to sail because people bank to the ipad is the number 1 tablet out there. when I pad launches it's on cnn abc good morning america it's on everything fox news if they don't get the kind of exposure then it's not going to sale. they need to pay the network execs and get a spot on the morning shows in the evening news shows.

You make a great point about public exposure. The whole media industry seems to have Job's d*** so far up their asses they piss applesauce. If Moto could get this kind of exposure, the typical consumer would get better educated about that golden consumer nectar called 'choice'. I will say, however, that 'if' VZW didn't sell the iPad well it was because of the lack of consumer interest. The iPad on VZW was the same WiFi edition sold everywhere else. You didn't have to get MiFi to get the iPad either. You could/can get the iPad for the same price as everywhere else too.

Additional Radios=More FCC testing, quality control management, Carrier testing, etc. The cost of the chip is the cheapest factor.

I see your point, but consumer price of a basic dumbphone is still way under $200. I presume they have to undergo the same level of testing.

Yeah, a dumbphone (which probably have extremely cheap radios since higher speeds are not needed). Smartphones have far more to get tested on (wifi, multiple radios, GPS, etc...) on top of pricier components.

Right, so the hardware costs $10 and the FCC and other testing ends up being $11 (I REALLY doubt it is that high). So how to we get from $21 to $200? It is called GREED.

Seems the rampant negative talk across the Internet made Motorola realize they had to speak on the matter. 600 dollarswifi only is excellent. I am in day one. It is clear that much of the hate towards the idea of a 3G only version comes from most of our belief that wireless companies are anti consumer. Once we learned that Moto was partnering with Verizon, the negative press began and we all assumed the worse.

This is ok I guess,... I wouldn't pay anything more than $600 for the WiFi version even tho they should put the price at $500..

I'm fine with $600 for the wifi version. I have an wifi iPad that fits most of my needs for the moment, so I'm not anxious to buy the 3G Xoom just to be an early adopter.

You hit the nail on the head. If you want early bragging rights you got to pay the price...it will go down in a few months like the galaxy tab did.

Pricing the Wi-Fi version at $600 now gives them room to drop it to $500 when iPad 2 is announced in a few months. Seems reasonable.

I think that comment is spot on. $600 at launch, $499 when the iPad2 ships. Also, $800 outright means perhaps $340-400 on contract when they start doing subsidized versions, which will happen eventually, even if VZW doesn't do it initially.

Either price was reasonable to me...now I just have to figure out how much Net access I want at a given time. Internet access from "anywhere", or access only from home and work and maybe the occasional coffee shop or restaurant. I'm heading more towards "anywhere" though because when I meet clients, WiFi is NOT everywhere - and those where I have had it is super slow or requires signing up for something.

$200 is quite a drop in price for just no access to the carrier network. I have a sneaking suspicion that we are about to find out that the "WiFi only" model has lower specs...such as less internal memory.

Man, I still think $600 is a little steep for such a niche product. I want one, but the Nook Color seems much more appropriate for a coffee table novelty. If I have serious computing to do, $600 is a heck of a laptop...just my opinion of course

Niche products carry steeper prices because they are niche. If they were designed for everyone in mind, they would be cheaper.

For me a tablet has to perform as well as a netbook but be cheaper. That is the point when I would get one since I would use them both for the same things and a wifi only tablet should be cheaper than a netbook if the specs are the same. Other than a tablet having a touchscreen they are basically the same thing and a touchscreen can't be much more expensive than the extra parts used in a netbook.

DIFFERENT GUTS!!!! its not just a touchscreen. The smaller components you have (but still expect the same results as a desktop) the more pricey it is. duh

It's also worth noting that Best Buy, Amazon, etc. need room to discount beyond the initial price. So $799 seems reasonable to me as a launch price for 3/4g.

I really don't know. If I can get the 3G version and pay as I go. As in I KNOW I'm going to need 3G next month and just pay for THAT month then go back to WIFI that would be the way to go. But $800 is a hell of a spicy meatball.

And then there is the question on if the bootloaded is encrypted.

Even encrypted ones get decrypted, don't they? Just might take some time. Either way...it shouldn't come as any shock to you that it is locked...why wouldn't it be? They do it to their phones now. Unless, this device is intended to be 'developer friendly' like the original Droid. Time will tell either way.

Is it? Has the Droid 2's BL been hacked yet? Last I read all they've done is bypass it and even then its a PITA to do. NEVER assume something is going to be hacked when you purchase a device.

Then what's that called? Crack/Hack same exact thing. And do you really, in this day and age, expect 'keys' or whatever from Moto not to get 'leaked'?

It's worth pointing out that the PS3 took 4 years to "crack".

I'm going to go out on a limb & say this product will be obsolete well before that time frame.

I know, I'm just making the point that the 'impossible' seems possible when it comes to hackers/modders.

I'm sold at $600 for the WiFi version. I have no need for a 3G/4G model as long as I have my phone (and a charger) handy.

Depending on what "around $600" means (Either above or below...if its $599.99 why bother with using words like around) the wifi version could be worth buying, unlike the 3G version which is causing so much comotion, and rightfully so. Im assuming the Xoom only comes as 32GB and there won't be any lower space version, which makes 32GB+wifi right in line wtih the iPad in terms of pricing. They could one-up apple and turn things to their favor by making it $579, which is "around" 600. Either way, depending on its reception and other tab news in the next few weeks I may buy one.

"Around" just means that there's no official MSRP yet, and the company needs to have some wiggle room for final price adjustments in the wake of the iPad 2 announcement. Depending on Apple's pricing, Moto might be about to get away with $639, or be forced to compete at $579.

What we need is a Nook Color w/ a faster processor for $100 more so it can run Honeycomb decently fast instead of feeling like a dog :-P

$600 or $800 for a tablet is nuts when a laptop costs less and is more functional but slightly bigger...like Lenovo's X tablet/laptop that's only $1K...hope the ipad2/3 bring these prices back to reality...

I'll pass. I'll enjoy my NookColor until next year when I can get a Xoom for $300. As the tidal wave of tablets hits the market this summer prices will fall faster than Charlie Sheen's career.

"As the tidal wave of tablets hits the market this summer prices will fall faster than Charlie Sheen's career."

That gave me the laugh I needed! LMAO

Sold... especially after seeing htc's offerings. and i just dont trust samsung. (i went through 18 instincts lol)Time to put in some O/T at work lol... my girl isnt gunna be happy with me blowing $600... but i'll just wave the shiney xoom in her face and she will get distracted..

Let's see...big RED is giving options out of the gate? That's awesome. Whatever they want to charge (w/in reason...) to enable a jump to the 4g unknown keeps the XOOM from becoming irrelevant technology sooner.

So cmon BIG RED...we're ready - WHEN ??

I believe they are Dumb-Butts for selling so expensive. Not every one are rich and have no kids. I have other things to buy like groceries and food. But I still want my hands on technology stuff like this. i can wait for a couple of months when the next batch come out and the prices drop across the board. TO Everyone that are out there making and selling tablets, how about pricing them for the regular folks. Or atleast slightly above the regular folks. You would sell more.

Aim low. There are cheaper alternatives. In the tech world, it's very difficult to appease the "less fortunate" with high-end technology. If you want a budget device, shop for budget devices.

If you want top of the line device, you pay top dollars. Now if you cant afford it, then maybe you shouldn't be looking at such devices or better yet, why dont you budget your money better and save up? You can always eat less :P.

But if you want a Honeycomb experience, go and buy the Nook, root it and flash Honeycomb for $250. That way you have money for food and a shiny new affordable tablet. You cant expect manufacturers to cram it full of the latest & greatest and sell it a $250 price point.

But I'm assuming you are trolling since no grown man is going to say "dumb-butts" and "technology stuff"

You guys are nuts. I was trying to use a respectable word. $600 for a tablet. Come On. i was going for maybe $400. Even $450. People are crazy spending 600-800 bucks for a device.

Is the WiFi model launching at the same time as the ridic 3G model? The article doesnt say whether the two devices are launching at the sametime... Hopefully Verizon doesnt have a ridic long exclusive period in the US

I'm "guessing" since the WiFi only model was just revealed, officially, this week that it will NOT release the same time as the 3G/4G version. More than likely it will come out closer to late summer/early fall.

If that is the case, the $600 'sweet price point' is going to seem ridic when the Touchpad comes out at that price or even newer unheard of tablets. Plus the iPad2 will be in full swing taking away sales... But likely, you will be right since Verizon probably has some exclusive deal with Moto for several months.

Although, you dont really need to announce/market a WiFi only version, since you can just set it in store. Also for the Wifi version, all they would have to do is remove the 3G radio and bam, can have it out to market on the same day.. but it is probably me just day dreaming, Moto would not be that smart or Verizon that generous to let Moto steal their thunder & get undercut in the process.

You're probably right. Either way it's sliced, it probably won't come out day and date with the 3G version.

Wow. Seems like a fantastic waste of money to me.

Looks like I'm still a good year or two away from seriously considering buying a tablet...

curious...what makes it a waste? what does this tablet not do that you expect to be able to do down the road?

It's not so much that it is lacking features.

I just don't feel like it adds anything to my gadget lexicon. I can perform any of these functions on my existing gadgets (whether that's desktop, laptop, netbook or phone) that were purchased for far less $.

It just seems too gimmicky to me. I must be missing something - either way I'm willing to sit back & let the market sort itself out on this one.

Gotcha. I guess the selling point for most people is "do you really want to carry around your netbook/laptop (with accessories) a phone, and whatever else, at one time?". To each there own! :)

I can dig it.

I will always carry my phone with me regardless & my "netbook" can go an entire workday (off & on usage) without needing to be plugged in so I guess I view it as swapping my perfectly good "netbook" for a more expensive product that is less powerful.

I think the wifi version would be better if they dont strip it down, then assuming most of us has a android phone rooted we can wifi tether and have service all the time... Or if people already have the hotspot feature activated on there phones then again the wifi version would be great!!!

Why do people keep implying that you need to be rooted to tether? I fyou have froyo 2.2 its built into the OS.

You don't have to pay additional carrier fees with the built in version, at least not with Tmobile.

Wifi-only version should be priced at $500, not $600. I really want this thing but I'll have to get a iPad if they don't bring there prices down

But your math doesnt even add up, you are comparing apples to oranges (pun intended)

Lets say we ignore the fact that Xoom has dual cameras, dual core processor, more RAM

Lets look at the storage of each:

1) iPad 16gb 499 Xoom N/A

2) iPad 32 gb 599 Xoom estimated around 600.

So actually Xoom is competing with the 32gb iPad and NOT the entry level 16gb iPad. Then you factor in the above upgrades that I said we should ignore, and the Xoom at 600 is a bargain.
So you would actually wasting your money buying the 1st gen Ipad at 499 since you are getting less for your money. Now who knows what will happen when teh 2nd gen comes out.

THE FAT LADY HAS SUNG!! WIFI ONLY, WIFI ONLY, WIFI ONLY. When can we preorder? My mind is made up already, especially since Htc announced that garbage 7" yesterday!! I don't like samsung, they didn't even do their customers right with upgrades, I could care less for Toshiba and Lg is too small!! Bring on the pain, honeycomb here I come!!!!

$500 for a wifi tablet is last years price!! Forget about it!!! You won't see that price on any new tablet coming out the gate!!! Go buy a old dried up ipad with no camera. Or better yet that Notion Adam Ink looks real good!!!!

I agree...people can't seriously think that tablets are always going to be "$500". New technology comes with higher prices. It's the natural evolution of economics.

I would have been all over the wifi version, but after seeing a smaller, more student friendly HTC Fly, I am gonna have to wait for a pricing on that.

>"So, we will continue to ask, is $600 for WiFi only asking too much?"

Yes. At least $125 too much. If Apple, who charges a fortune for their hardware, can make a profit selling at $500, then Android tablets of a similar size MUST BE PRICED LOWER. Period.

Yes, the Xoom will be faster and better, but it is also a year newer technology.... that is what makes it better, not that it costs more.

Apple charges $500 for a tablet with LESS memory and LESS features. To expect the Xoom tablet to retail less than $600 for all that it's packing is a pipe dream that people need to grow out of.

16GB of additional flash is $25.

Other than that, it doesn't matter what the features are- most are better (like CPU speed/RAM) only because the technology is newer. If the price is not the same or lower than getting into an ipad, *most* consumers won't give an Android tablet a first look, must less a second look.

Now- you or I (or many on this forum) might be willing to pay the extra 20%... but people like us do not make the market they will need to survive.

Motorola are kicking themselves with their high prices. Plenty of competition from other tablets with Tegra 2 and Honeycomb onboard...

Meh, for $600 I might as well get an M11x.
A shame these things are so damn pricey. $600 isn't ridiculous though.