Motorola Xoom at Verizon

Kinda goes without saying at this point, but you can now officially buy the Motorola Xoom Honeycomb tablet at Verizon. A mere $599 gets you 10.1 inches of Android 3.0 goodness with a dual-core Tegra 2 processor. And that sort of thing makes us happy. But do note that little asterisk next to the "Fully Flash-enabled" line -- it'll be getting Flash in a few weeks, but it's not there yet. [Verizon]


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Motorola Xoom available now at Verizon


Up late ehhhh phil? I have always waned a tablet type device, but they are just too expensive for me. Cool stuff though.

not only that, this thing will be $299 soon,by June you'll data plan will not be required for that price. competition to the xoom will arrive by Q3.

@$1000 + after data, I'm gonna pass. I really don't see this as a big seller. Not when you can in the same day spend $500 on a lousy 16gig iPad, with everything it advertises working out of the box. Will check back in June when the wifi version comes out. Will definitely be stopping by my local VZW store to see if it is love at first sight. Who knows?

Now compare it to a comparable iPad of 32gb with wifi/3G and what is the price difference? If you're going to compare, get equal equipment.

i'll be waiting for a used one, or price drop.

also how is flash advertised as coming soon? they could put 3d coming soon then, lol just wrong

Yeah im not jumping in my car for one of these things! To expensive and not enough xoom for my money!!!

Engadget has received a notice from Verizon saying they have rescinded the policy that you have to activate the data plan when you buy the Xoom off-contract. So no more month-to-month data requirement!

Don't wanna plan. Already have a plan and mobile wifi on my phone.

Give me wireless, give me 16G for $499 or less. It's simple Motorola and Verizon, match or beat iPad low end or I'll send them my money instead. And no Verizon, I won't be buying the iPad from you.

Well, if you are in a hurry to get something, you should just get an iPad, because I don't think they are going to meeting your demands any time soon. Now the price may drop on the 32GB (4G and Wi-Fi versions) in a few months, but I don't think down to that $499 level you want. If you are willing to use a less functional iOS (with more apps available) than a more functional Honeycomb (with only a few tablet-specific apps currently) than go for it, buy the iPad. You can even get a refurbished one for $420. Or you can wait to see what the iPad 2 will offer when they announce it March 2nd.

I just a refurb ipad at a second hand retail store for $450. How stupid could you be to pay $450 or $420 for a refurb. The price should be no more than $300.