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We've recieved a few more tips about the Motorola XOOM WiFi and now, a 3G version receiving a mysterious 1.5MB OTA update that bumps the device up to software version HTK55D.

I've personally been checking for updates on my XOOM since early this morning with no love coming to my device. However, if you have a Motorola XOOM -- you might want to check for updates and see if you have one available while we poke around for some sort of change log. Also worth noting, MS -- who sent us the update image is running a 3G rooted with Tiamat's Moray ROM

Thanks, MS!

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MarqBland says:

Where the F is my e-mail telling me they are sending me a box so that I can get the LTE chip installed in it?!

voiceonly says:

Steve Jobs is mailing it to you immediately.


Keep holding your breath.

JCool525 says:

I received the update earlier today. Wifi only Xoom. I haven't noticed anything different so far. My xoom is not rooted

i got the update and applied it forgetting to flash the stock recovery back and now im not getting the update notification anymore after flashing the stock recovery back.... :(

takkun1946 says:

I'm running the Stock US Wifi build rooted on Hong Kong purchased Wifi Xoom (there are benefits of switching from the international builds to the US AOSP build). Got the update this morning (Hong Kong time) but received a little green android with exclamation point. Basically the install failed. Rebooted just fine in the the 3.2 build (HTJ85B). :( No update notification since. (insert sad trombone)

Got my wifi Xoom update last night when I got home at Eagle Mountain Lake TX.

Cruiserdude says:

And yet, still no LTE, amirite? What's that, 5 months now? Wonder when the class-action is coming...

NMdroidx says:

Still waiting on this update and not holding my breath for LTE uprade anytime soon on my Xoom. It's ridiculous having to wait this long.

grlla says:

No 3G update here in Arizona. Where's the da$n ambulance chasers at? Did these two companies not sell enough product to make the chase worthwhile? So much for early adoption based on marketing vapor.

SAVJR says:

Got it...

North Texas - Got my 3.2.1 this morning. can't see differences yet.

crxssi says:

Got mine today. Took a while to load, seemed to reboot like 4 times or something.... anyway, I wonder what is different...

maincore says:

Got the update a few minutes ago in Costa Rica. Unable to confirm significant changes but the browser seems more stable now. Unrooted Wi-Fi Xoom.