Motorola Xoom Cases

You want some actual news about accessories to go along with the initial pricing info for the Motorola Xoom tablet, eh? We've got you covered. Above is what Verizon apparently will have on hand, and it's quite the portfolio. You've got a camera kit cable (oooh, fancy), a media dock and advanced HDMI dock, silicone cases, travel charger and car charger. Everything a budding Android tableteer could need, we reckon. Thanks, K!

Update: Tweaked the headline. The accessories have been listed on Moto's website but are just now in Verizon's system. Thanks, Kellen!

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crxssi says:

I think we want the accessory that makes it WiFi-only, reduces the price to $399, and makes rooting/flashing easy :)

Stang68 says:


ScubaNitrox says:

I Agree!! :-)

wctaylor79 says:

Where is the accesory for the winning loto ticket you will need to afford the tablet?

falconeight says:

What is the cost $899? Motorola can suck a fat Richard.

cjmedina says:

Yeah for that price ill stay with my Samsung tab

chris_1985 says:

verizon= fail