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A quick heads up for those of us rocking the Moto X or (eventually, once they're on Android 4.4) one of the new Droids — Motorola has updated its Active Display app, which should help alleviate some of the lag we've been seeing on the lock screen feature. The changelog reads thusly:

Fix for the 1- (or) 2-(second) deley seen when swiping down or up to unlock from Active Display screen.

So get your update on and let us know if you're seeing an improvement.

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Motorola updates Active Display to fight lock screen lag


What am I missing then? Have the droid Maxx and it says it's not compatible with my device...

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Smirk comments like this is just so productive. /sarcasm off. He's obviously stating that it is only available for KK droids, which right now is Moto X. Droids will have it soon. But yes, not available yet for the 2013 droids.

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I didn't think you were being smirk, especially since the information is in the article. Phil? Not the Droids then..

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My Droid Maxx doesnt have kitkat yet but my lag isn't that bad; maybe half a second, tops. Easily still the best feature of the "New" Motorola generation.

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No more black screen and 2 second delay, but now when I swipe down I momentarily see the normal lock screen and then the home screen.

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Should I get this phone for $350/$400 when I already have an HTC One? I love my One, but the X intrigues me so damn much. I don't know what to do. I'd have to cut my sim card down, too.

My wife has the One and I have the X. I'd pick the X for the following reason:

In my opinion the One feels like a higher quality phone due to the angles and the metal back, but the X just feels better in the hand due to the shape. I came from a Note 2 and thought I would miss the big phone, but so far I don't. In fact, the X feels like the perfect phone for my hand.

Other than that, my choice for the X over the One is largely due to three things.

1) Active Notifications (which really are a feature I think I'll never want to give up)
2) You can't get away from Stock vs. Sense when talking these two phones and I prefer stock over any OEM flavor.
3) An available Verizon Developer edition.

I came from a Note 2 and sometimes I miss the bigger screen but I don't miss carrying around the bigger screen.

I agree with the active notifications - stock feel - I don't have a dev edition so I can't comment on that...

No regrets, love the phone!

I miss it sometimes too, but I have a GN8 nearby usually. I think the Note concept works better in the 8" form factor than the 5.5" one.

I did it and never looked back. They should supply you with a new SIM card for the carrier you bought the phone for. Mine came with the T-mobile SIM.

I still don't get why Phil chose the Moto X over the Nexus 5.....•_• ??

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I really don't get why people question editors picking the Moto X over the Nexus. I went from Nexus to Moto X and couldn't be happier.

I'm switching from the N5 to a Moto X. I want the smaller sized phone that is more comfortable to use with one hand, and from all the research I've done I won't really be sacrificing speed and I'll be gaining functionality. That said, the Nexus 5 is great, but now that I've used the N5 for a while, it just doesn't seem to offer as much as the Moto X.

The X has Active Display, Touchless Controls, probably has better battery life, and is more ergonomic for one-handed use.

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I knew all of that but what I was really driving at is that swapping them for one another makes no sense.
Either devices in hand is a win win because they are way too similar with little edge over the other.

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I want to agree with you. But, I think the Moto X has better battery life than the Nexus 5. Not that I have a problem with my battery life, but it probably does last considerably longer.

I will agree, that both devices are great to have.

Somebody swapping for the Nexus 5 values the higher-end specs and updates and wants the better hardware.

Somebody swapping for the Moto X values the added features and optimizations and doesn't care about the specs.

That's my opinion, anyway.

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They're not as similar as you're making it seem. The size difference and the features on the Moto X make a huge difference.

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Even if you didn't have the Nexus 5, does it matter? And, if it does, why?

People can't seem to think for themselves, anymore, lol.

Heaven forbid, Phil and Jerry prefer a Motorola phone sans specs over the Nexus 5!!

How dare they!?

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Hey, as a Nexus 5 user, I personally love it. But, the X is a great device, in its own right.

Does it matter what someone else is using?

I'll say this again: enjoy the device you're using and be grateful that you could even afford it, brother.

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Couldn't of said it any better myself.

In the end we all love Android right? That should really be the only thing that matters.

Faster for me. Yes I do see the normal lock screen for just a flash. But no more black screen for 2 seconds any more.

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I never really had an issue with it, but now I do see the lock screen as others are mentioning. It's quick so that is all that matters. I don't have any complaints about this phone at all.

I love what Moto is doing here by releasing all these apps to the Play store. I've withheld tinkering with my X thus far, but if I get the itch all the lost features will likely be waiting for reinstallation on a custom ROM (unless they choose to block them...)

I just noticed the new boot animation. Neat.
Also, after the update I'm also seeing a flash of the lockscreen for a half-second. I bet the push another update within a day or two for the fix.

They have a hidden app for the boot animation, they released it for the Moto G since its not preinstalled on that. The boot animation is just video file, the guy who found root for the Moto X on XDA found a way to change to boot animation without root, so its not even really a super hidden thing.

Boot animations are basically just a zip file of images stored on the system somewhere. Usually pretty small in size too. They changed/updated it I guess

Saw a few comments here stating how the update solved the lock screen lag and you call me a troll because of a bloody lifeless phone?

Better watch what you say cos I didn't insult anyone or the phone itself.

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"Better watch what you say cos I didn't insult anyone or the phone itself."

So, why make an idol threat over a "bloody lifeless phone?"

C'mon, man!!

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Specs don't matter and the phone is lag-free.

I haven't seen anyone on here (or any other site) complaining about lag or even mentioning it, prior to the release of this update. That should tell you something, lol.

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This bug had nothing to do with specs and was a result of the kit kat update. Hence why it was also fixed without any hardware changes.

Just goes to show, synergy matters.

nice i'll have to test this when i get mine. I got in, luckily, on dec 2 fiasco. dev edition verizon. still hasnt shipped though :(.

Went from an S4 to an X a month ago. I still miss the screen size, but am in love with the software adds on the X.

This update seems to alleviate the unlock delays that I'd experience sometimes, great news!

So sad Moto X is only US.. This phone is the best.. And I have note 3, but really prefer Moto X... Next Moto X with probably 1080p Display will be the best phone ever.. Hope they will improve the camera and will be available Worldwide.. :-))

It's not US-only anymore. But, I'm not sure, what other countries it's available to.

I'm not sure, about the availability of Moto Maker, though.

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It's also sold in Mexico, Argentina, and Brazil at the moment. The US, however, is the only country with MotoMaker.

Interestingly enough, I hadn't noticed any lag.....but now that I updated does seem slightly faster.

And the new boot screen is cute.....

Funny I never read any mention of any Active Notifications or Lockscreen lag in the AC review of the Moto X or in the various AC "Best Device in The Universe" features that it won. Nor anything else remotely negative regarding Active Notications.

Maybe the mentions got overshadowed by Jerry constantly using the term "My Precious!" repeatedly while reviewing the Moto X and cradling the phone and gazing at it lovingly? Ha ha!! I kid...

The log screen/active notification lag seems to have been introduced with the KitKat update. Given the fact that the article that identified the Moto X as the Best Overall phone was published just 4 days after the KitKat update was mentioned in AC, it is not surprising that it was not mentioned.

If you have a better theory, it would be amusing to hear it.

I thought this *phone of the century* didn't have any lag...and now we have an article addressing the lag, and a fix...

Had not noticed the lag until now but it sure is faster. Now I wish they would address the combination of this and a passcode. Every time you swipe it grabs the passcode screen on the lock screen. I think active display needs a option that locks the lock screen to prevent it.

The lag has been present since KitKat for sure. I think mine was worse because I use Action Launcher. For a while active listening wasn't working too.

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