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Two quick updates with uneventful changelogs for your new Motorola devices

Two Motorola apps — Active Display and Motorola Care — are getting updates in the Play Store today, but the changelogs aren't all that interesting. Active Display gets the standard and nondescript "bug fixes" in the changelog, and Motorola Care seems to be the exact same app as before, but has been renamed to Motorola Help (which frankly makes more sense).

You can download the latest version of Active Display from the Play Store link above, and you can snag the latest Motorola Care (Help) update right here.

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NickLippert says:

I wish they would add battery level when charging to the active display.

reeper55 says:

That would be a nice add.

Posted via Android Central App on my Republic Wireless Moto X

seasiick says:

i actually added that to my review. i hope they see it and consider it.

A895 says:

I would like Touchless Controls to get an update it has problems hearing me sometimes, and does not hear me at all unless I am real close to my phone.

Posted via Moto X or Droid RAZR M on the Android Central App

Jax184 says:

Train the device again, but stand farther away. It sounds dumb, but it works.

Masheen says:

I've had problems with voice recognition. I started to retrain the launch phrase after each Touchless Control update and it's been working great.

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