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Remember when Motorola teased a bit of augmented reality with the Windy Day YouTube short earlier in the week? Today we see a second part to this puzzle, as the mostly unused Avatar app buried inside your Moto X software gets an update and actually does something.

If you have a Moto X, you'll see an "update" to the Motorola Spotlight Player —- an app you probably don't have installed. That's because there was no associated app icon or widget. That changes with today's update. After installation (yes, you'll install it, too) you have a new 1 x 1 widget and three new activities in the software. Tapping the widget will show you two of them — the page that tells you Motorola can't wait to show you how all this works and that your Moto X loves you, and a page where you can opt in or out of the service — which Motorola swears will have no ads.

The third activity — the Settings page — is there but doesn't do anything just yet. I've dropped screenshots of all three after the break.

It looks like we'll soon have everything in place here, and it will be interesting to see how Motorola uses this. Will it be something worth keeping, or will it quickly be placed on the disabled list? We'll probably know on October 29.

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dmgerbino says:

This app update was a nice surprise this afternoon. I also watched part of a video they had published to their Tumblr. I'm curious about this.

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Grahaman27 says:

What is it? Its an update that doesn't do anything?

Posted via Android Central App

DWR_31 says:

It's the Moto X version of a Zoe!

Posted from my Beta Tester AC app!

clankfu says:

How do you get to the settings page?

Blah says:

It was called "Avatar" before the update. One disabled it so not sure if it's the same after the update.

jeditribe says:

Very interested to see what this is all about in upcoming days.

fldude99 says:

This appears to me that it is going to be a monstrous waste of space

PlayDLine says:

So far I agree. I'm sure its just an opportunity to sell games.

ryleyinstl says:

Oh, wow....a built in multimedia spamming service!

mayconvert says:

I hit OK and it does nothing.
Don't get it.

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clankfu says:

You're not going to get any content until Oct 29.

Blah says:

Pretty crappy to hide the app and then update it.

Apparently it was called "Avatar" in Settings - Apps. It was version 0.1 and now did a secret update.

TeknoBug says:

Hmm I don't see it on my Moto X?

jitesh84 says:

I don't see it either.