Motorola Droid updates

OK, folks. Motorola's been quiet for a few days as all of us Droid owners have quietly (or not) wondered if and when the Android 2.1 update would finally roll out. While the official word for those of us in the U.S. it's still "expected to roll out soon," the fact that there's an official page to follow is a big step in the right direction.

So kudos to Moto for putting this together and keeping us apprised. While it's not as good as actually having the update in hand, transparency means a lot. Hang in there, folks. It's coming. [Motorola] Thanks, beastcmg!


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Motorola spells out Droid update plans


Soon? Well thanks for clearing that up, that was super helpful. Relax everyone its coming soon! Anyone feel better by this?

this doesnt mean anything. it still doesnt tell us anything new on the subject. Why dont they tell us something we dont know. Still the same crap from them

Even though they are giving pretty much (regarding the USA Droid) the same info as before (Rolling out soon) I appreciate the fact that they acknowledge the masses of customers inquiring about this. At the very least this is a sign that we are being heard. In the words of Homer Simpson "Urge to kill fading...fading....fading.....all gone" :)

not for nothng, but IF they put out 2.1 for the droid, 2.2 will be out in afew weeks anyway, so who gives a shit

Its true about 2.2 But O Well. My device works fine and I can wait for the Update. It will be here and then people will be wanting 2.2 and on and on. Then the year will progress and then Motorola will come out with Droid 2 or whatever they will call it next for us Droid Users

Unfortunately we know for a fact it won't be today. If it was going to be today they would have just released the update instead of a note saying "soon".

Hmmm... I'm wondering what "upgrade under evaluation" means. Sounds an awful lot like "we may not bother at all". Not to mention there's absolutely nothing about the Milestone for Canada.

At this point it looks like I may skip this phone completely and wait for the next Google device.

what the hell? is soon like 30 minutes..or within 30 day? what? why even put that shit out? i think they are trying to piss us off.

I take "soon" to mean within a week or two, since otherwise they would have said "Q1 2010" like they did for the Milestone - and Q1 is over on March 31 anyway.

My two cents. They have forwarded the update to Big Red. Big Red is real harsh when it comes to updates on their phones software. Seen it alot with my Storm. So the update is just getting software approval from VZW.

Soon: Adverb/Adjective - 1) Anytime between now and the Apocalypse.

See also: 3D Realms, Duke Nukem Forever.

Here is my take...

I think that motorola is accually listening to us...I hope...

I think they put out the release that said what the 2.1 was going to be and then took it back cause a lot of us complained about not getting some of the things that other devices were going to get with the 2.1 update...

At least that is what I am hoping for...Crossing my fingers they are gonna have the new launcher with our update...

This just goes to show that the guy that has always assisted me at my local T-Mobile company store was right on the money. I know that a great many people say not to believe anything the sales reps say because they know nothing. Not the case by any means. I have been coming to this same guy for 5 years and he has never given me bad information. Last week he told me that 2.1 was coming to the CLIQ in April or May (latest) and I think this shows he was right on target. As a matter of fact, he told me not to be surprised if it goes OTA prior to that.

I have read on this forum a couple of posts where it was speculated that the CLIQ would never get any upgrade.. .that Motorola was treating it like a lost leader. That is so far from the truth it isn;t even funny. As a matter of fact, Motorola will be releasing several new Android models this year (according to my T-Mobile guy) that will have fewer or lower end attributes then the CLIQ.

Again, their are individuals that will look at the Motorola information above and say that it is fake and none of the above listed devises will ever get an upgrade. To me, that is pure nonsense. The wireless division of Motorola was on the brink of totally going away... they understand the public was tired of their phones and their approach to the market. They are making a strong come-back and are not about to mess up all the work they have done on the PR side by releasing phony or inacurate information. The upgrades are coming and they will be released when they are ready for prime time. Look at RIM.. it has taken them well over a year to release OS 5.0 to the Carriers for their testing and release. And, their aren't that many changes between 5.0 and 4.6.. but it still took a year. These things take time.

hope to see it before my 30 days si up. If they dont fix the flash player issue i am going with the imagio. I ditch iphone for not having support for flash and was hoping droid would do the trick. have 30 days will see.