Motorola Sage

When we saw that blurry picture of the Motorola Sage last week we thought ... well, we're not quite sure what we thought. We've been hoping that the difference between high-end Motorola smartphone and low-end Motorola smartphone might at least creep toward the middle. But what we see here sure looks like it's from the same family as the Backflip. Engadget's tipster says the is-Blur/isn't-Blur/PhilBlur skin is on board, and we're trying not to poke fun at that trackpad. Really, we are. You, however, can have at it in the comments. [Engadget]


Reader comments

Motorola Sage breaks blurry cover, still leaves us wondering


I see ur point in loosing the keyboard, however some users, like myself prefer the keyboard, even if it means a little more bulk. as for that track pad... think of how much larger the screen could be if it wasnt there haha

I'm confused. What is the point of all these android-powered devices with "slide-out" keyboards when most also come with virtual keyboards and often Swype? Isn't it time to start making slim, powerful and sexy android devices and not have to add unnecessary bulk to accommodate a mostly unattractive physical keyboard that is often too cramped for comfortable use?